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Government “treating the symptom”, not the cause of plastic pollution

10th March 2020

Green Alliance / plastic / Single-Use / UK Government


Aldersgate Group Sets Out Priorities For Resources & Waste Strategy

19th June 2018

Aldersgate Group / Brexit / Resources And Waste Strategy / UK Government


Industry Sets Out Its “Top Priorities” For Next Government

2nd June 2017

General Election 2017 / policy / TAG / UK Government


UK Government Misses Own Waste Reduction Target

12th January 2016

UK Government / Waste Targets


Lords Find UK Waste Policy Lacks “Coherence And Certainty”

7th March 2014

Defra / House of Lords / Science and Technology Committee / UK Government / Waste or resource? Stimulating a bioeconomy


UK Says It Will “NOT” Support Changes To EU Recycling Targets

20th November 2013

EU Waste Targets / European Commission / Landfill Ban / Review of European Waste Management Targets / UK Government / Waste Framework Directive

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