70% of shoppers are likely to buy a product if recycling information is clear and visible

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Research conducted by Productsup in partnership with Censuswide showed that 70% of consumers are likely to buy a product if recycling information is visible; however, 34% say brands are not making recycling information clear.

Productsup says its commerce shortfall report highlights that having more information about products is one of the top factors that would entice consumers to shop with a different brand or retailer.

The report is based on a survey of nearly 5,700 consumers aged 16 and up across the US and Europe, asking about their preferences, expectations, and behaviour toward hybrid shopping experiences with the focus on shopping sustainably and in the metaverse.

88% of consumers value sustainability, and 67% of shoppers are more likely to purchase products if sustainability information is well-presented.

Productsup produced the report in partnership with Censuswide, it says that the report shows companies can leverage relevant sustainability information to build consumer trust. They continue that the data shows explaining “what makes a product organic, free-range, or eco-friendly is the leading step to boost consumer trust in ethical brands and products”.

However, data from the report shows supporting causes in line with sustainability labels, partnerships with global non-government organisations, and positive press about ethical practices were the least influential, as they could be seen as “cause-washing”.

The commerce shortfall report highlighted “four ways brands, retailers, marketplaces, and service providers can reach sustainable shoppers”. This included removing sustainability information blindspots, avoiding cause-washing, monitoring the generation gap, and customising per region.

Cause-washing can include initiatives like partnering with global non-governmental organisations and generating positive press about ethical practices, which the survey found were the least influential ways to build trust.

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