Advetec Invests £600,000 In Organic Waste Research

Advetec, a company involved in the treatment and reduction of solid and liquid organic waste, is expanding its operations with a £600,000 investment in pilot plants and laboratories test and trial pre- and post-treatment liquid and solid organic waste streams.

The company will double its office space, along with increasing storage facilities and developing a new purpose-built laboratory for research and development, featuring the  three state-of-the art pilot plants, where the testing will take place to ensure optimal digester performance.

Careful analysis of a company’s waste stream will establish the calorific (kg/k) or nutritional value (NPK) of output waste material for a range of Advetec’s customers around the world, including a growing number in food processing, utilities, transport, hospitality and manufacturing, deploying Advetec digester technology.

Craig Shaw, Group CEO said: “Our ethos is that all waste is a resource worth harvesting. With 100 years’ worth of plastic garbage floating around our eco system, we have a responsibility to deal with it. Just removing plastic from the sea then dumping it into the ground is not a solution. Hence our Circular Solution: collect it, process it and reuse it. We started by developing our Advetec XO reactor and now add R&D into plastic degradation to bring us closer to finding a solution to deal with plastics and save our oceans, a cause particularly close to my heart.”

The team matches and tailors bacteria strains and bespoke bio-stimulants to individual effluent streams to maximise the digestive effectiveness of the treatment systems. The company, which already has solutions for digesting the most challenging organic waste streams including co-mingled waste, will also be directing R&D efforts to Class 1 waste; animal by-product, medical and air travel waste. Plastic digestion will be the primary focus and the effective conversion of mixed solids waste as a consistent feed stock for waste to energy companies.

In addition to new facilities Advetec is immediately employing an additional 17 staff at its operational base in Bath, including engineers, project managers and sales and expects to add a further 30 technical staff by the end of 2018.


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