Axil Integrated Services launches a Surplus Asset Reuse Marketplace


Waste management and recycling company Axil Integrated Services has announced a partnership with Globechain, a global asset reuse and redistribution network, to launch a new Surplus Asset Reuse Marketplace for its customers.

The partnership follows the appointment of CIWM Fellow, Gina Rudkin, as Head of Sustainability and Zero-Waste.

The marketplace allows businesses to donate surplus assets to charities and local small businesses, avoiding the creation of waste and creating cost savings. It currently aids 3,000 charities, who are all able to access the donated assets.

Axil says the network has already facilitated the reuse of more than five million items, diverted 65,000 tonnes from waste disposal and returned more than £400 Million in disposal savings to members.

Reuse is a core pillar to a more Circular Economy.

The initiative is headed by the Head of Sustainability and Zero-Waste, Gina Rudkin, and distributes “any asset” no longer needed by Axil clients that can be reused.

Axil says the platform provides an alternative to waste disposal, focusing on the top of the waste hierarchy (waste prevention), where businesses pay an annual fee for unlimited use that can be recouped by avoiding disposal costs.

Commenting on the partnership, Head of Sustainability and Zero-Waste, Gina Rudkin, said: “We are thrilled to launch this new initiative and provide our customers with a way to give back to their local communities while also reducing waste and emissions.”

“Reuse is a core pillar to a more Circular Economy and our partnership with Globechain allows us to offer a seamless and easy way for our customers to contribute to this transition. We are confident it will directly support their ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) and sustainability goals through creating a positive impact on the environment and local communities.”

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