Buckinghamshire Repeat Waste Offender To Pay £4,000

Patrick Delaney, 43, of Three Oaks Farm, Roberts Lane, Chalfont St Peter, Bucks, pleaded guilty at High Wycombe Magistrates Court on 2 August 2017 to offences relating to waste dumped at two locations in Little Chalfont and Chalfont St Peter in Buckinghamshire.

The court heard that at 11:23pm on 1 November 2016 Mr Delaney’s vehicle was filmed by a surveillance camera that targets fly tipping as it deposited a truck load of waste from his paving and landscaping business at the roadside at Lodge Lane, Little Chalfont.  Mr Delaney was traced through the vehicle registration number which was captured by the surveillance camera.

On a routine patrol on 11 November 2016, investigators from the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire found a different lorry load of waste dumped in the middle of the road at Shire Lane, Chalfont St Peter.  Through details found within the waste, investigators traced this second load to a residential address in North London where Mr Delaney was carrying out work.

“This case shows how our cameras can spot fly tippers 24/7 – and we will not hesitate to prosecute them whenever possible.”

When interviewed at a police station, Mr Delaney admitted that the waste in both loads had been produced by his business, and he agreed that the waste at Lodge Lane had been dumped using his vehicle.  He denied dumping either load himself, however, and explained that he had lent his truck to his cousin whom he had paid to dispose of the waste.

Mr Delaney entered a plea of guilty to being responsible for the vehicle used in the dumping at Lodge Lane and for failing in his duty of care regarding the waste which had been produced by his business.

The Magistrates fined Mr Delaney £1,920, and ordered clean-up and prosecution costs to be paid in the sum of £2,000.  A victim surcharge of £96 was also levied  –  making a total to pay of £4,016.

Chiltern District Council Cabinet Member for Environment Mike Smith, speaking on behalf of the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire, said: “The area around the Chalfonts has in the past suffered badly from fly-tipping. However, there has recently been a reduction in cases, and the Buckinghamshire authorities will continue to take action to ensure this continues.

“This case shows how our cameras can spot fly tippers 24/7 – and we will not hesitate to prosecute them whenever possible.”

The case was investigated and prosecuted by Buckinghamshire County Council working on behalf of the Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire. The Waste Partnership launched the ‘Illegal Dumping Costs’ campaign in November 2003 to combat illegal dumping and waste management offences in Buckinghamshire.

Since that date the Partnership has secured over 600 convictions against individuals and companies for illegal dumping and related offences.  This has resulted in a significant saving to the Buckinghamshire taxpayer over the period, principally through reduced removal and disposal costs.

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