Business waste disposal costing Aberdeenshire taxpayers £500,000 a year

Disposal of business waste at household waste and recycling centres (HWRC) in thought to be costing Aberdeenshire taxpayers around £500,000 a year, Aberdeenshire Council says.

The figures comes as the council is set to put new measures in place with an aim of increasing recycling at the sites, as part of the new waste strategy for Aberdeenshire.

In an effort to free up space for “more recyclable” materials at the sites, local councillors’ views are being sought on extra measures to direct commercial waste away from them to “more appropriate” sites.

While some HWRCs are licensed to take trade waste, some businesses dispose of or recycle their waste as if it was domestic waste, therefore not paying for their commercial waste to be disposed of, the council says.

“As well as taking up space meant for local householders’ recyclable materials and causing congestion at facilities, it also has legal and financial implications,” the council said in a statement.

Steps to tackle the issue are being proposed to each of the Council’s Area Committees to allow local councillors to give feedback, prior to final consideration by the Infrastructure Services Committee.

It follows agreement on a new waste strategy for the area in January, designed to push up recycling rates and send less materials to landfill.

Currently, as much as 20% of the waste taken to recycling centres is thought to be business waste, which the council says “should not be there”.

Appropriate charges

Businesses would be prevented from using HWRCs and instead directed to use council waste transfer stations at Banchory, Ellon and Macduff. At these facilities materials can be “accurately weighed and charged for appropriately”.

As it is around half the cost to recycle materials than to landfill them, this gives businesses an incentive to consider which materials have the potential to be diverted from landfill, the council says.

It says, “This approach would also make it fairer to those businesses which already dispose of their waste through a paid-for collection service or by paying for the waste they take to recycling centres.”


To try to ensure businesses cannot continue to use HWRCs unlawfully, a vehicle permit system is being proposed.

Certain types of vehicle typically used by businesses would not be permitted at HRCs, specifically those over 3.5 tonnes gross weight, tippers, tractors, large trailers and vehicles with twin wheels or more than four wheels.

Under the proposals householders who use commercial type vehicles (e.g. vans, pick-ups, minibuses and trailers) would be able to apply for free permits to access HRCs.

Households would apply for the free permits in advance and a year’s supply (12 permits) would be issued at one time to minimise inconvenience.

In the past we have seen situations where staff are put in a difficult position where they suspect someone disposing of materials at an HWRC is linked to a business but cannot prove this

Aberdeenshire Council’s Waste Manager, Ros Baxter, said, “The majority of households will not be affected by the proposed permit system as those using cars, MPVs, 4x4s or hire vans would continue to have unlimited access to recycling centres.

“The permit system is simply designed to address the fact that some households use commercial type vehicles – we understand this and they will be able to use the services in the same way as other members of their community, with a permit which shows staff they are entitled.

“In the past we have seen situations where staff are put in a difficult position where they suspect someone disposing of materials at an HWRC is linked to a business but cannot prove this.

“The permit system will avoid any confusion and will make it perfectly clear that only household materials are permitted to be disposed of at our HWRCs”

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