Capital clean-up for the EURO 2020 final

UK resource management company, Veolia, environmental partner of Westminster City Council and Brent Council, carried out large-scale clean-up operations in both boroughs during and after the EURO 2020 final game. 

The Veolia teams in Westminster and Brent showcased outstanding work, commitment and community spirit, as they worked tirelessly to clean up the streets and ensure London was looking at its best this morning and continued to run safely and sustainably.


  • Staff: 215 operatives
  • Vehicles: 20 vehicles used for collecting waste, as well as for street cleansing activities like sweeping and flushing
  • Time: 19 hours
  • Amount of waste collected in the Leicester Square and Soho areas: 20 tonnes


  • Staff: 16 operatives
  • Vehicles: 5 vehicles carrying out waste collection, street sweeping and other cleansing activities
  • Time: 19.5 hours
  • Amount of waste collected in the area around Wembley Stadium: 9 tonnes

Pascal Hauret, Managing Director – Municipal, Veolia UK, said: “A massive thank you to the Veolia teams in Westminster and Brent, who continue to amaze us with their unwavering hard work and team efforts, no matter the situation.

“We have been working flat out throughout Euro 2020 to show London’s best face to visiting fans and it gives us great pride that we played our vital role in this, by keeping the streets clean and safe for all.”

During Euro 2020’s England vs Scotland game, Veolia collected 7 tonnes of waste in Leicester Square alone – the equivalent weight of not three, but 36 adult male lions!

Last week, Veolia aksed fans to celebrate sustainably, by using on street bins or taking their litter home with them.

Over 200 Veolia staff worked in key areas across Westminster and Brent, including Wembley Stadium. Special match day teams were deployed to keep things running smoothly.

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