Circular Valley start-up develops AI which separates recyclables from waste

Circular Economy

The Circular Economy Accelerator programme has selected a start-up that has developed AI (artificial intelligence) which identifies recyclables in waste and another that produces reusable packaging for e-commerce.

The Circular Economy Accelerator runs programmes with 15 start-ups twice a year. From over 500 applications, 14 start-ups from all around the world were selected for the Circular Economy Accelerator program.

The start-ups are all engaged in different topics, including water treatment, platforms for industrial waste, renewable energies, green building and transportation.

In the programme, Circular Valley says the young companies further develop their business models with coaches and partners from the established industry.

Two of the start-ups have developed solutions for sustainability in packaging and waste management: Rhinopaq and Lixo.

Lixo is a French start-up that uses AI with the aim of enabling a circular economy. The technology analyses waste in real-time as it moves down the assembly line to give an overview of what recyclables it contains. While the company has already won major partners such as Suez and Veolia, it now wants to grow internationally.

Matthias Thesing (left) and Marc Diefenbach from Rhinopaq

Rhinopaq’s boxes and envelopes made of recycled polypropylene can be reused multiple times. Circular Valley says the packaging can replace disposable packaging when shipping tools, personal care products, cleaning products, coffee, toys and pet food, for example.

Circular Valley says it has supported over 60 start-ups since its launch in the summer of 2021 and transportation and packaging have always been a focus.

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