CIWM acquires Circular Economy Institute and Circular Economy Club


Circular Economy

CIWM (the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management) has announced the acquisition of the Circular Economy Institute (CEI) in a move that will also see it assume leadership of the Circular Economy Club (CEC).

CIWM, the Circular Economy Institute, and the Circular Economy Club will continue to operate autonomously. The acquisition will more than double the respective memberships, CIWM says.

Commenting on the acquisition, CIWM CEO, Sarah Poulter, said: “Whilst we recognise that each of the organisations we have brought together will have their own distinct priorities, there is also a significant degree of common thinking and a shared desire to better manage the Earth’s finite resources.

“The creation of this group will facilitate the growth of a powerful and respected global community with the scale and resources required to drive meaningful and lasting change. We look forward to supporting CEI in its mission to promote the highest standards of practice in the circular economy field, and in building the strong international leadership needed to shift from linear to circular practices.”

The recent growth of the CEI and CEC means the time is right to hand over their custodianship to those with a shared purpose and strategy.

The CEI, founded by the circular economy professional Anna Tari, provides training courses, workshops and seminars. They have worked in over 30 countries and aim to help organisations integrate circular economy strategies into all phases of their offerings.

The CEI has offered training to organisations including the United Nations One Planet Network, Harvard School of Design and London City Council. The three-tier CEI certification scheme provides professional credentials to personnel in the circular economy sector.

The CEC was established by Anna Tari in 2012 and is free to join the global network for professionals working to develop the circular economy. It currently has over 7,000 members who are part of more than 280 local clubs across 140 countries. Members include representatives from businesses and governments, financial institutions, non-profits, marketplaces, research institutes and academia.

CEI founder Anna Tari commented: “The recent growth of the CEI and CEC means the time is right to hand over their custodianship to those with a shared purpose and strategy.

“With 125 years of experience, CIWM has proven itself as a highly successful membership organisation and training provider which has been instrumental in developing and promoting the more sustainable use of resources.”

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