CIWM Business Partner news round-up

From a potential circular and sustainable alternative to plastic and paper to waste collection data possibly delivering “tangible service improvements”, keep reading to find out more about 4 of the latest news stories from CIWM’s business partners.

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  1. Interim fleet delivers new ‘in house’ services in Wellingborough
  2. Real-time data drives service improvements, says DJB Recycling
  3. NTM-GB appoint New Service Manager
  4. LXD become the official supplier of Limex materials in the UK


Interim fleet delivers new ‘in house’ services in Wellingborough

Wheelie bins

Specialist Fleet Services Ltd (SFS) has provided an interim fleet of 30 vehicles, via its municipal vehicle hire division CTS Hire.

North Northamptonshire Council’s vehicle partner SFS is supplying the interim fleet to carry out the council’s new in-house waste, recycling, street cleansing and grounds maintenance service, introduced on 1 April across the Wellingborough area.

Cllr Graham Lawman, Executive Member for Highways, Travel and Assets at North Northamptonshire Council, said: “With services being brought back in-house, residents should not see any immediate change on a day-to-day basis and, combined with updating our fleet, this means we can continue to provide residents with a reliable waste and recycling service.”

Wellingborough Norse had previously provided waste and recycling collections for residents, along with street cleansing, grounds maintenance, parks and open spaces, and fleet and transport, all of which have now been brought back ‘in house’. The new interim fleet comprises 11 x 26t Refuse Collection Vehicles, 1 x 7.5t tipper, 14 x 3.5t caged tippers, 1 x truck-mounted sweeper and 2x compact sweepers.

SFS is a vehicle, plant and workshop solutions provider and partner to the waste management sector. They offer a range of vehicle hire and fleet management services to both the public and private sectors.

Bob Sweetland, Managing Director, SFS said: “Having our own municipal vehicle hire division means that we are able to deliver vehicles on short term hire and at short notice, as well as assist with more complex and longer-term fleet, maintenance and workshop requirements.”


Real-time data drives service improvements, says DJB Recycling

DJB Recycling

Using waste collection data not only drives business forward but delivers tangible service improvements for customers, says DJB Recycling.

DJB Recycling highlights its continual investment in both vehicles and technology as central to this strategy. They say that data has now become integral in managing costs and identifying ways to reduce residual waste. To do this DJB Recycling have incorporated MOBA into its operations as a mobile weighing system for its vehicles and RFID technology in its bins.

Jamie Rhodes, Transport Manager at DJB Recycling, said: “Although we looked at a number of vendors, we choose MOBA because of the exceptional build quality of its products and the high level of service it offers”.

“Accurate bin data is also critical in order for us to analyse both our profit and also identify ways to help our customers reduce their general waste and increase recycling. Achieving this, MOBA never lets us down”.

DJB Recycling says it has implemented Pay-by-Weight for all its commercial customers, together with agreed weight limits. This is the reason they cite why “reliable and accurate mobile weighing technology has become a core component of the company’s operational strategy”.

DJB Recycling says that analysis of bin weight creates potential opportunities for customers. “If we regularly see overweight bins then we would work with the customer to identify the reasons. Often it’s due to heavy items, such as glass or food waste, for which we can then provide separate bins. This both reduces the amount of residual waste and also boosts their recycling,” Jamie Rhodes commented.


NTM-GB appoint New Service Manager

NTB GB Manager

NTM-GB appoint Richard Harris to the role of Service Manager at the Kidderminster Office. Richard joins NTM-GB from a successful career working with a number of national chassis dealerships.

NTM-GB Managing Director Grahame Jones commented: “Richard brings with him a vast range of experience and success in servicing customer needs. Moving forward, he will be an integral part of the NTM-GB team in delivering even greater service and value to our customers”.

Richard said: “Joining NTM-GB was really a no-brainer, a great company, with great products and working with a great team”.



LXD become the official supplier of Limex materials in the UK


LXD are now the official supplier of Limex materials in the UK, a material that it says is a circular and sustainable alternative to plastic and paper.

LXD says LIMEX offers an alternative to plastic packaging by creating products that contain less than 50% plastic, so should not incur the Plastic Packaging Tax.

LIMEX is made predominantly from limestone (calcium carbonate), with a small amount of polymeric resin added as a binder. LXD says LIMEX contains 50-80% Limestone and the rest is polymeric resin or a plant-based resin (Bio-Limex) and the quantity of limestone used differs based on the end-use and grade. LIMEX can be recycled, and LXD says it is now exploring efforts to develop biodegradable LIMEX products.

LXD says that adding limestone to moulding reduces costs associated with petroleum-based resins and improves several physical and chemical properties of finished plastic products, such as excellent anti-fibrillation, enhanced anti-slip property and improved stiffness. It also says that various grades of LIMEX pellets can be produced with different resin types such as PP, PE, HDPE and LLDPE.

“With sustainability at the heart of our business, our mission is to introduce a more resource-efficient, less polluting, feasible, and recyclable material into the product life cycle,” LXD commented.

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