CIWM Business Partner News Round-Up | July 18

Major Investment In New RCV Fleet At Northumberland 

Northumberland County Council is to invest £8.6m over the next three years as part of a rolling programme to replace its existing 50-strong refuse collection fleet. The investment will also include the addition of two further vehicles, helping the Council to meet growing demand for waste services.

All 52 Dennis Eagle vehicles will be fitted with Terberg OmniDEL Xtra bin lifts, with the first batch of 24 due to arrive this year. Six of these have already been delivered and are now in service, and it is expected that they will help to deliver a number of improvements compared to the previous models. These include reduced exhaust emissions and better fuel economy, as well as increased waste capacity – meaning fewer time-consuming trips to waste transfer sites.

The narrow rear steer chassis will aid manoeuvrability around smaller streets and tight spots, while full 360-degree camera systems will help to increase safety for staff members and the general public. The vehicles also feature the DennisConnect telematics system, which the Council will be using to encourage more efficient driving through the monitoring of driving style, such as the use of brakes and accelerator.

Councillor Glen Sanderson, Cabinet Member for Environment and Local Services, said: “Providing an efficient and reliable regular bin collection service is a cornerstone of what Councils do, and it’s vital we invest in the right equipment to be able to do this.

“Our refuse wagons and crews cover tens of thousands of miles each year in all sorts of weather and it is very rare that they are unable to make a collection.

“Our existing vehicles served us well, but are now in need of replacement, and these new vehicles which are coming into service are cleaner, more efficient, safer and have a greater capacity than the old models – they are state-of-the-art in every aspect and a valuable addition to our fleet.”

Tom Fullerton, Regional Sales Manager at Dennis Eagle, comments: “Back in 2011 we won a contract to supply Northumberland with its previous fleet. Now the time has come to begin replacing these vehicles we are delighted that the Council has again selected Dennis Eagle to meet its requirements.”

Fireward Nominated For “Product of the Year’” At RWM

Fireward Ltd, distributor of Automatic Fire Suppression systems, has been nominated for ‘Product of the Year’ at this year’s RWM Show 2018.

Fireward will exhibit at this year’s show, in partnership with a manufacturer of construction and mining equipment.  The show will also premier application specific 3D videos which define the process by which Fireward’s fire suppression systems protect heavy duty vehicles 24/7.

Fireward’s fire suppression systems deliver versatile and progressive protection for heavy duty plant vehicles and have been designed to protect a broad range of applications including, wheel loaders, cranes, excavators, shredders, screeners and telehandlers.

The Fireward heavy plant vehicle fire suppression systems come in four sizes, 4kg, 6kg, 9kg 18kg, where each system installed is designed to protect the fire risk area. From smaller applications requiring the use of a single agent – ABC dry powder, to heavy plant vehicles and machinery requiring a dual agent solution – ABC Dry Powder delivers ‘instant fire knockdown’ while the Wet Chemical provides ‘fast cooling’ of the risk area to prevent reignition.

Delivering detection and activation within 10 seconds ensures that even when a fire occurs, the asset is capable of returning to full operation once the fire suppression system has been recommissioned.

Sam Malins, CEO of Fireward commented, “I am delighted that Fireward has been nominated for ‘Product of the Year’ at this year’s RWM, which I believe is a worthy reflection of the quality and standards as set down by the whole team at Fireward, and we all look forward to showcasing the latest technology and innovation in vehicle fire safety at this year’s show.”

Fireward leads the fire suppression industry with a fleet of fully certified engineers delivering on their promise to protect both people and assets through the quality of their service and systems, delivering exceptional reliability.

Fairport Containers LTD Relocates To New Larger Site In The South East

Continued growth has facilitated a number of recent investments and celebrations, including the successful Grand Opening of the third and largest site in May, Fairport Containers says.

Fairport can now announce that the relocation of its South East depot to a much larger site in Aylesbury is complete. An extra 45,000 square feet of land has doubled the storage capacity. And the new factory building is three times the size of the old site all resulting in increased production capability.

A recruitment drive was undertaken in the local area, to cater for the larger work load and six new employees have now joined the depots existing staff of experienced NVQ Level 3 qualified fabricator welders and refurbishment engineers.

Over £450,000 has been invested of which £80,000 was spent to ensure the new site is fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment. This process will also safeguard us against any future legislation changes.

“The South East refurbishment facility is the only one of its kind or size in the region, giving the waste and recycling industry much needed access to these vital services in the area. Regionalising our services has been a key aspect of our strategy in order assist our customers with reducing their carbon footprint and the ever increasing transport costs.”

Equinox Recycling Certifies Benefits Of Weighing Solution

Kent-based Equinox Recycling says it has noticed a significant impact on its revenue since installing its entire fleet of waste collection vehicles with bin-weighing systems, all of which have been fully weights and measures certified for Pay-by-Weight services.

Every collection is weighed to within 1kg and customers are charged according to what they throw.

Andy Gibbons, managing director, Equinox Recycling said: “We’ve noticed a massive effect on the business with both turnover and profit increasing by at least 10%. Now we know the accurate weight of each collection we can charge customers accordingly.

“It gives us the opportunity to identify potential missed revenue from customers who regularly present heavy or overweight bins. We are also able to advise customers regarding recycling alternatives.”

The vehicles, all Inco-Mol bodies on DAF chassis, are equipped with the ENVIROWEIGH bin-weighing system from vehicle weighing and axle overload protection specialists Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd (VWS). VWS calibrated and re-verified the weighing systems on site at Equinox’s premises in Tonbridge.

In 2017 VWS became the first weighing company in the UK to be approved by the National Measurement and Regulation Office (NMRO) to verify its own bin weighing and underbody weighing equipment for Pay-By-Weight services.

It is good practice to service and check the calibration of the equipment every year and Equinox are one of the first companies to benefit from VWS on-site reverification for Trading Standards for Pay-by-Weight services.

Julian Glasspole, managing director, VWS said: “Congratulations to Equinox! I’m delighted that our bin-weighing has had such a positive impact on the business and that we could re-certify the whole fleet at their premises. Previously, like other weighing companies, trading standards had to carry out the weights and measures verification for each and every vehicle at our workshops.

“Now, all of our engineers are UK Weighing Federation trained and we have achieved all the necessary Quality and Management accreditations to verify our own equipment. It’s much more efficient for our customers and for us.”


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