CIWM Business Partner News Round-Up | March 2019

Kent Waste Firm Puts On The Style With JCB Order

Privately-owned waste recycling business, Countrystyle Recycling, has further improved on-site handling efficiency at its flagship facility at Sittingbourne, Kent, with the introduction of four JCB 457 wheeled loaders.

Countrystyle provides specialist waste recycling, haulage and recovery services for a range of industrial products, including plasterboard, wood, general waste, dry mixed recyclables  and organic green and food wastes. 

Two of the new JCB models will be deployed within the facility’s dedicated plasterboard recycling building; the remaining two units will operate within the wood yard at Ridham Dock, near Sittingbourne.

As part of Countrystyle’s ongoing commitment to promoting health and safety within the waste sector, the dedicated JCB machines working within the plasterboard processing plant have been supplied with BMAir cabin air filtration technology. 

The BMAir system prevents polluted air entering the cabin and allows  air quality within the operator’s working space to be continuously monitored.

In addition, the new wheeled loaders have been supplied with automatic dual agent fire suppression systems, supplied by Fireward, LED lighting and foam filled tyres to ensure on-site safety and machine uptime are optimised.

Emma Elston MBE Announced as ‘Women of the Year’ Director

Emma Elston, pictured right, with Baroness Newlove

Emma Elston MBE, Founder and Chief Executive of container refurbishment and repair firm, UK Container Maintenance (UKCM) has been announced as a director of the prestigious Women of the Year Awards, which confers high profile awards for both Woman of Achievement and Business Woman of the Year.

Drawing on her considerable experience as former winner of Business Woman of the Year 2012, Emma was honoured to be welcomed onto the board of directors to play an integral part in the organisation.

Emma joins the board that includes Jenny Campbell a well-known entrepreneur on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, Victims Commissioner of England and Wales, Baroness Helen Newlove, IT Consultant, Pauline Edden and lawyer, Zalena Vandrewala.

Emma comments: “It is such an honour to have been invited onto the board of directors of Women of the Year which oversee this wonderful organisation, with such a fantastic and diverse history.”

The next event, which will represent the 37th Women of the Year Luncheon & Awards celebrates and highlights the achievements of women from all across the UK and will take place at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole on Friday 25 October 2019.

Each year, Women of the Year proudly supports charities from across the UK. 

Tudor Griffiths Invests In Fuchs For Their Recycling Site In Ellesmere

The new Fuchs MHL331 F series is the latest acquisition by the TG Enviro division, which is committed to delivering the very best results from all the waste that is processed on all the Tudor Griffiths Group’s sites.

As part of the company’s commitment to increasing the amount of recycling of incoming waste at their Wood Lane site in Ellesmere, they have now built a £4.5 million Biomass plant and drying facility. The team recycles a vast majority of the waste they process, including wood, bricks, metal, paper, cardboard and ferrous metal, so only a small percentage of the waste that comes into the MRF goes to landfill.

TG had been running a competitor machine at their site in Ellesmere but found the machine wasn’t versatile enough to handle the diverse range of waste that they were processing. Therefore, TG desired a machine that could be used in a range of applications such as; processing commercial, wood and domestic waste, as well as loading wagons with biomass wood-chip. This lead Jamie Jones, Group Transport Manager at TG to contact Blue Group to see if they had any an appropriate machine available. 

Geesinknorba Joins Crown Commercial Service Vehicle Purchase Framework 

Councils that want to purchase refuse collection vehicles from Geesinknorba without going through a complex tender process can now do so after the company was named as a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service’s Vehicle Purchase Framework RM6060.

Geesinknorba designs and manufactures a range of vehicle bodies and bin-lifting equipment for waste management applications, with a focus on innovation and delivering practical solutions to meet evolving market requirements. 

These vehicles will now be available to public sector buyers under Lot 3 of the vehicle purchase framework (medium to heavy commercial vehicles 7.5 tonnes and above) via direct award, meaning that councils can skip the lengthy tender process and purchase the vehicles direct from the Geesinknorba, saving time and money.

Geesinknorba is one of only two suppliers offering RCVs through the framework and available vehicles include the Mini Series, Multi Fraction MF Series, G Series, N Series, and Rossi bodies with various domestic and commercial bin lift options. 

In addition to diesel, many vehicles are available in hybrid or all-electric versions using the company’s Li-On Power Pro battery technology to help councils meet their clean air targets.

The new purchasing framework started in December 2018 and will run until December 2022. It offers public sector organisations access a full range of vehicles from passenger cars to emergency services vehicles from a number of pre-vetted suppliers via either direct award or the option of further competition. 

The framework is compliant with public procurement obligations, reflects commercial best practice, and is designed to help the public sector achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. 

Johnston Sweepers Offers Alternative Fuel Options Across Its Entire Range 

For the first time in more than 80 years of producing road sweepers for the worldwide market, Johnston Sweepers’ entire product line-up is completely alternative fuel-enabled, with a range of new models and alternative fuel choices – including Europe’s first fully electrically powered truck mounted sweeper.

It’s Johnston’s greenest and cleanest product line-up yet, giving fleet operators and local authorities three alternative fuel options to help eliminate diesel in the quest for cleaner air, lower emissions, and reduced particulate matter.

The company said: “For an instant and very easy fix for fleet operators looking for a cleaner air alternative, HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is the ideal solution and Johnston is delighted to be the first sweeper company to gain approval for its use across our entire sweeper range.”

All of Johnston’s sweepers are now able to run on HVO, the easiest “drop in” mix and match fuel available, requiring no engine modifications whatsoever. 

HVO is a colourless liquid that has the same chemical composition and productive output as diesel but with none of the harmful properties, burning cleaner and with significantly lower environment-damaging emissions – in fact, 27% less HC (hydrocarbons) and 28% less NOX (nitrogen oxides).

The main advantage is that it is a “drop in” fuel that can be added to existing fuel tanks without modifications or loss of warranty, and with no need to clean out storage tanks – just fill and go. It can be mixed with diesel if required, and is fully interchangeable from fill to fill.

Darrel Moore

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