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Biffa selects EPIC for UK’s “largest” all-electric fleet

EPIC changeable system

The waste management company, Biffa, has selected EPIC Media Group to provide the livery for the UK’s largest all-electric refuse fleet for their waste collection contract with Manchester City Council.

With 27 refuse collection vehicles in the fleet, Biffa says it expects to save around 900 tonnes of carbon emissions each year which supports the Council’s progress with its zero-carbon action plan. 10 of the new all-electric vehicles have been wrapped with a “vibrant” yellow designed vinyl and the remaining 17 have been fitted with EPIC’s changeable graphics system.

The first set of changeable graphics communicates the Council’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions. The council says the greatest benefit of the system is that it can update and change its messaging through its marketing campaigns.

Managing Director of Biffa, Roger Edwards, said: “Launching the UK’s largest all-electric fleet was an exciting project that attracted a lot of attention. It was important that we selected trusted partner to provide the livery to ensure it was delivered to the best quality.”

Managing Director of EPIC Media Group, Kevin Murton, said: “We are excited to have provided the livery for the UK’s largest zero-emission fleet for Biffa’s Manchester City contract. We are proud to be part of the forward-thinking response to climate change in one of England’s largest and high-profile cities.”

Teignbridge District Council enters its 20th year with SFS

2022 marks the 20th year that Specialist Fleet Services Ltd (SFS) has been a vehicle partner to Teignbridge District Council and the council has recently decided to extend the current contract hire arrangement for another three years.

SFS, which was awarded a third consecutive 7-year contract with Teignbridge in 2014 has been providing and maintaining the council’s fleet since 2002.

Waste & Cleansing Manager, Teignbridge District Council, Chris Braines, said: “We have extended the current contract with SFS whilst we review our strategy on low emission vehicles and decarbonisation of our fleet and workshops.

“SFS continues to replace and maintain vehicles in our fleet as required. We continue to be impressed with the quality of service, levels of expertise and professional approach from SFS, and we look forward to continuing our excellent working relationship.”

Northampton-based fleet management company SFS was established nearly 30 years ago and is part of the Paragon Banking Group. It says it offers a complete range of vehicle hire and fleet management services to both the public and private sector, including contract hire, short-term vehicle hire, vehicle maintenance, workshop management, technical advice, and consultancy.

SFS also runs its own network of workshops across the UK and operates its own specialist vehicle hire division, CTS Hire.

Bob Sweetland, Managing Director, SFS, said: “We have been working with Teignbridge District Council since 2002 and we have provided over 200 vehicles to date. Our priority is to create long-term relationships and we are delighted to have retained Teignbridge for nearly 20 years.

“As experts in alternative fuel vehicles, we are also able to provide guidance on the adoption of low emissions vehicles to help combat climate change.”

Alutrade Ltd recovers 99% pure aluminium using TOMRA’s new X-TRACT ™ unit

Alutrade says it is the first company in the world to reap the benefits of X-TRACT™, the “sophisticated” new sensor-based sorting solution from TOMRA Recycling Sorting.

Alutrade says the X-TRACT™, TOMRA’s most “advanced” x-ray metals sorting unit, has enabled it to achieve 99% pure aluminium for use in secondary aluminium production.

The new X-TRACT™ unit was installed in March 2021 at Alutrade’s Oldbury recycling plant in Birmingham, which “processes 42,000 tonnes of waste annually”. The plant’s infeed material comprises metal extrusions from different types of post-consumer construction waste, such as windows and doors, as well as aluminium cans.

When the infeed material arrives at Alutrade’s Oldbury plant it is initially pre-shredded into smaller pieces of around one to two meters in length before being further shredded by a hammer mill.

Magnets and eddy current separators are then used to separate the metals into ferrous and non-ferrous metals, removing any contaminants in preparation for the next sorting stage.

Director at Alutrade LTD, Andrew Powell, said: “Over the past five years, we have worked closely with TOMRA and our main customer, and have undertaken a lot of research to achieve this milestone of recovering an aluminium end fraction that meets the exceptionally high purity levels required to go straight into the remelt process.

“The smaller 10-30mm grain size captured by the new machine is 99% pure aluminium which means we can sell it on at a much higher price to our customers for use in the production of new aluminium products.

“What’s more, the new version of X-TRACT™ has opened up new international market opportunities for Alutrade as we can now source different infeed material, as well as sell on the ejected heavy metal products.”

Ireland’s largest biomass provider buys JCB 427 Wastemaster

Ireland’s largest biomass provider, McKinstry Group, has purchased a brand-new JCB Stage V 427 Wastemaster wheeled loading shovel, which it says is part of its commitment to pursuing renewable energy.

Crumlin-based McKinstry Group is moving into the export market with a new site in Belfast where it will be processing over 100,000 tonnes of biomass per year.

Supplied by dealer Dennison JCB the 427 Wastemaster wheeled loading shovel has been specifically tailored for the waste and recycling sector to provide “unrivalled levels” of productivity, comfort, and safety.

CEO of McKinstry Group, Darren McKinstry, said: “We buy JCB equipment because it is always reliable, and the aftersales and back-up is excellence. JCB is crucial to our group operations. Our relationship with Dennison JCB is a big factor in our decision to purchase JCB machines.

“The 427 Wastemaster is working as part of a fleet including a JCB Teletruk and a JCB 560-80 and it is performing very well. The machine is perfectly sized for the application we need it for which is loading and dealing with biomass and it is doing the job very well.”

Canvey Island to join “sustainable period movement”

Free, reusable period products and educational resources are now available to Canvey Island residents.

Residents using Canvey Island’s youth group and food banks are now being offered free, reusable period products to prevent the use of disposable sanitary items and encourage sustainable alternatives.

Essex County Council’s (ECC) BLUEPRINT to a Circular Economy Project has partnered with Hey Girls and Yellow Door to supply these essential reusable products.

Free training will be provided so that residents have the information they need to make the sustainable switch, including advice on how to use and care for the various products correctly.

Councillor Louise McKinlay, ECC’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Community, Equality, Partnership and Performance, said: “By rolling out this important collaboration with Yellow Door, we’re supporting residents to make sustainable decisions.

“Opting for environmentally friendly alternatives to everyday items means we can all make a difference in helping to reduce waste.

“Our efforts in Canvey Island also form part of a wide range of schemes that are benefiting children, families, communities and the environment there, as outlined out in our Levelling Up strategy.”

The collaboration is funded by the BLUEPRINT to a Circular Economy Project. The BLUEPRINT Project has a total budget of 5.6m euros, 3.8m of which were provided by the European Regional Development Fund via the Interreg France (Channel) England programme.

Fiveways completes delivery of seven new RCVs for Urbaser

Waste collection vehicle hire specialists, Fiveways Group, has completed the delivery of seven new 26-tonne refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) to Urbaser Ltd which will be used in the delivery of the company’s £65 million contract with North and East Hertfordshire.

The new additions to the fleet comprise six 26-tonne, 6×2 Rear Steer (narrow), Dennis Eagle RCVs with twin pack bodies, which it says will enable the collection of multiple waste streams, and one standard open back 26-tonne vehicle with a single chamber.

In addition to the seven contracted vehicles, Fiveways has also supplied an additional vehicle free of charge to cover scheduled services and MOTs and “add further value”.

Operations Director UK, Urbaser Limited, Jose Ramon-Sanchez, said: “Leasing through Fiveways provides Urbaser with a really cost-effective way of maintaining an efficient and sustainable fleet throughout the life of the contracts we manage.”

“In addition to offering unrivalled reliability, these vehicles are fitted with the latest telematics which means we can now accurately monitor driver behaviour and fuel usage.

“We estimate this will enable us to reduce emissions by a further 10% while maintaining the highest levels of service for our client and the residents of North and East Hertfordshire.”

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