Cory Rebrands Its Landfill & Green Energy Business – Enovert

Landfill site operator Cory Environmental Resource Management has rebranded as Enovert. The landfill, green energy, composting and anaerobic digestion business, now operating as Enovert, was sold by the Cory Environmental group in January 2017. 

Alistair Holl, managing director of Enovert (pictured below), said: “The landfill and gas generation business is now independent of Cory Environmental, so needed a new identity to differentiate it and provide clarity in the marketplace. 

“We have a new name and new branding but all the management, staff and sites remain unchanged, so it is very much business as usual. The name ‘Enovert‘ reflects our environmental, energy and green credentials, our forward-looking and innovative outlook and our desire to develop new opportunities into the future.”  

With 12 operational landfill sites, two composting facilities, three waste transfer stations and an anaerobic digestion facility, Enovert manages in excess of 2.3m tonnes of waste each year. The company provides disposal and treatment for a range of waste including: non-hazardous waste from commercial, industrial and domestic sources; inert waste, including soils for reuse in the restoration of the landfill site; hazardous waste; green waste; and contaminated soils. 

Enovert produces green energy from its landfill sites by collecting landfill gas, from which renewable electricity is generated and exported to the National Grid. Enovert’s operations generate 250GWh of renewable electricity each year, enough energy to power 75,000 homes.  

Enovert also supports local communities through the Government’s Landfill Communities Fund by distributing money to community improvement schemes through a number of trusts including  the Enovert Community Trust (formerly Cory Environmental Trust in Britain); the Ibstock Enovert Trust (formerly the Ibstock Cory Environmental Trust); and the Gloucestershire Environmental Trust. 

Since the Trusts were created more than £63m has been distributed in grants to community and environmental projects, such as providing new or enhanced sporting facilities; delivering ecological and environmental enhancements, improving community halls, creating new play areas and skate parks, and restoring and improving green public spaces. 

Alistair continued: “Landfill remains an important component of the UK’s waste management strategy to dispose of materials that cannot be efficiently reused, recycled or recovered, and to provide additional disposal capacity in the event of short term pressures on local authorities.   

“As operations at our landfill sites come to a close, Enovert is committed to high quality site restoration and the long-term aftercare management of our landfill sites for decades to come. Typically our landfill sites are being restored to create natural habitats, such as woodlands or parks, which will foster biodiversity and provide a valuable public amenity for current and future generations.” 


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