DS Smith and Krones partner to launch sustainable shrink-wrap alternative

ECO Carrier

Sustainable packaging company, DS Smith, today (26 September) have announced a partnership with packaging machinery and systems provider Krones to create ECO Carrier, a fibre-based alternative to shrink-wrap for PET multipack bottles.

Showcased during the drinktec trade fair in Munich, DS Smith says ECO Carrier can be applied using the Krones mechanisation system for its LitePac Top range, which applies sustainable packaging solutions to PET.

The system uses corrugated board clips to hold PET bottles together and is “particularly suitable” for a bottle range from 1L to 1.5L, in a multipack function of 2×2 or 3×2.

Sales, Marketing & Innovation Director, Packaging at DS Smith, Marc Chiron, said: “Our customers and consumers are demanding more sustainable solutions to replace problem plastic while integrating seamlessly with their production lines.

“Through our work with Krones, we are able to help our customers reduce their plastic usage, increase recyclability and transition to the circular economy by providing fully-recyclable fibre-based alternatives through an easy-to-implement solution.”

We are able to help our customers reduce their plastic usage, increase recyclability and transition to the circular economy.

DS Smith says the ECO Carrier is fully customisable to enable brands to incorporate their branding onto the cardboard bottle carrier and paper band.

Designed using DS Smith’s Circular Design Metrics, the packaging company says the ECO Carrier has the potential for a 71% reduction in carbon footprint compared to plastic shrink-wrap, 100% recyclability, 100% renewable sources, and is 100% planet safe.

Head of Order Centre and Assembly, Packaging Technology at Krones, Wolfgang Huber, said “Our collaboration with DS Smith represents our shared sustainability ambitions which seek to provide products that align with consumers’ increasing desire for climate- and environment-friendly lifestyles.

“As a turnkey supplier with customers in every corner of the world, we have the expertise, the technologies, and the reach to contribute substantially to the complex sustainability challenges of today and tomorrow by making use of proven and state-of-the-art packaging machinery made by Krones.”

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