Government Set To Double Plastic Carrier Bag Levy

Teresa May is expected to announce the Government’s intention to double the charge on single use plastic carrier bags from 5p to 10p, according to reports.

Reports also suggest the Prime Minister will also announce that all retailers will be obliged to impose the levy. Currently, only establishments with 250 employees and over must charge for carriers.

The 5p levy on single use carriers was introduced in England in October 2015, and since then the number of bags distributed has fallen by 85%.

At the time, it was stated small and medium-sized businesses will be exempt from the charge to “avoid imposing burdens on start-up and growing businesses in England at a time when the Government is supporting new growth in our economy”.

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland also introduced charges and have seen significant drops in usage.

The initiative was aimed at reducing litter, with bags being one of the most highly visible forms of litter on our streets, roads, hedges, parks, trees, beaches and, ultimately, in our oceans, all with potentially devastating effects, according to Keep Britain Tidy.

Ministers are reportedly set to include a discussion on the move in a consultation on the government’s plan to end Britain’s “throwaway culture” this week, according to Sky News.

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