“Largest commitment of its kind” announced to scale advanced recycling of plastics

Dow and Mura Technology have announced it is building multiple “world-scale” 120 kilotonnes (KT) advanced recycling facilities in the US and Europe, adding as much as 600 KT of aggregate advanced recycling capacity by 2030.

The materials science company, Dow, and advanced plastic recycling company, Mura Technology, say the new facilities are the next step in their partnership to help “solve the global plastic waste issue”.

The global plastics issue is one of the most pressing environmental issues to date.

The companies say the circular feed that Mura produces, derived from plastic waste it says is “currently destined for landfill or incineration”, reduces reliance on fossil-based feedstocks and will enable Dow to produce recycled plastic feedstock for the development of new, virgin-grade plastics which it says are in high demand from global brands.

Dow expects the world’s first plant using Mura’s HydroPRS process, located in Teesside, UK, to be operational in 2023 with a 20 KT per year production line set to supply the company with 100% recycled feedstock.

Mura says its innovative process can recycle all forms of plastic waste including films, pots, tubs, and trays, that can currently only be incinerated or sent to landfill. The process is also designed to work alongside conventional recycling and wider initiatives to reduce and reuse plastic.

The two companies expect the extended partnership to considerably increase this supply, playing a significant role in Dow and Mura’s planned global rollout of as much as 600 KT of advanced recycling capacity by 2030.

Dow says its extensive global reach will enable the scale-up of Mura’s technology through multiple projects in the US and Europe. These plans include potential co-location opportunities, which will provide significant integration benefits for Mura’s plants.

By working together, Dow and Mura say they will ensure plastic has a viable way to be re-circulated into global supply chains, helping to advance a circular economy for plastics and increase the value of plastic waste.

Mura’s technology is designed to champion a global circular plastics economy.

These planned capital investments by Mura, as well as Dow’s off-take agreements, both companies say, represent their largest commitment to advance and scale global advanced recycling capabilities.

Advanced Recycling Director for Dow, Marc van den Biggelaar, said: “By investing in new applications, Dow is working to meet the increased demand for recycled material from its customers and make a meaningful impact on the supply chain, helping to close the loop on plastic waste.

“Dow is committed to accelerating a circular economy for plastics and our expanded partnership with Mura marks a significant step on this journey. As a long-term partner, we are excited about the potential of this process to recycle plastics and help solve the plastic waste challenge.

CEO of Mura Technology, Dr Steve Mahon, said: “The global plastics issue is one of the most pressing environmental issues to date – there is simply no time to waste. Mura’s technology is designed to champion a global circular plastics economy, and our partnership with Dow is a key enabler to bringing HydroPRSTM to every corner of the globe.

“This next step in our partnership and the resources provided by Dow will allow us to finance and dramatically increase recycling capacity and enable circular plastics to enter global supply chains at scale.”

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