Oleo Recycling launches national UCO collection service

Oleo Recycling, Europe’s leading cooking oil supply and recycling solutions provider, has announced the UK roll out of its fully-integrated collection and disposal service. From collection and treatment, to processing and recycling, the company will offer a start-to-finish solution for used cooking oils and fats.

Through its fleet of state-of-the-art collection vehicles, Oleo Recycling will deliver a comprehensive national service, arranged at a frequency to suit individual business requirements. Customers benefit from a hassle-free, hygienic process, specifically tailored to meet exacting service needs.

Working in partnership with sister companies ReFood and ecoMotion, every last drop of cooking oil collected will either be recycled to create renewable energy or used in the production of high-quality biodiesel. This not only keeps waste out of drains and sewers, but also delivers significant environmental and sustainability benefits.

Andy Smith, UK chief executive officer at SARIA – parent company of Oleo Recycling, commented: “Every year in the UK, the hospitality sector creates more than 100,000 tonnes of used cooking oils and fats. With the risk of large fines for improper disposal, it is essential to partner with an experienced collection and recycling specialist.

“Oleo Recycling provides a safe, sustainable solution to help businesses dispose of their used cooking oil through a licensed, compliant and traceable process. The UK will be the seventh country to join our extensive collection network, alongside Germany, Denmark, France, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands.

“With significant expertise and unrivalled coverage, we aim to provide a fresh new alternative for businesses nationwide. We truly appreciate the value in used frying oils and cooking fats – for us, sustainability is so much more than just a strapline.”

Oleo Recycling will roll-out its fully-integrated collection and disposal services with immediate effect. For more information, or to make an enquiry, visit www.oleorecycling.co.uk.


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