Paper Round launches a new service to capture hard-to-recycle items

In a bid to combat so called ‘wish-cycling’ and contamination, leading recycling company Paper Round has announced the launch of SustainABLE Box. Available to businesses in London, Brighton and Sussex, the self-assembled box captures hard-to-recycle items and those which are often misplaced in mixed recycling – providing a new recycling solution for these materials.

Despite the UK’s best efforts, there are still several materials in use in the workplace which cannot be recycled via traditional methods and are commonly misplaced. This contributes towards a significant contamination problem.

In response to this issue and to customer requests for a service that is clear about material destinations, processes and general due diligence, Paper Round has launched SustainABLE Box.

Using their network of vetted re-processors, Paper Round has found viable recycling routes for several hard-to-recycle items including source separated: crisp packets, stationery, coffee pods, plastic film, and PPE. Complete transparency is a unique part of their service; they’ll tell customers exactly where every material ends up and what their second life is.

Closed loop stories

Plastics collected as part of the service, such as film, crisp packets, snack wrappers, and stationery will be transformed into a weatherproof recyclable alternative to plywood, which is available to buy back for use at the workplace or in construction. This buy-back scheme closes the loop and helps London, Brighton & Sussex businesses to contribute towards the circular economy.

Delivered as part of their SustainABLE Pathway campaign which helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint, SustainABLE Box offers Paper Round’s customers a new and innovative way to recycle more, reduce general waste and lower carbon emissions.

Flat-packed boxes (made from recycled content) and pre-paid material labels (which double-up as posters) are sent out directly to customers. Once full, boxes are sealed and collected by Paper Round from the convenience of their customers’ workplace. Source separated materials are taken back to their state-of-the-art facility in Essex, before being sent to vetted re-processors in the UK.

Clients can kick-start their journey to reducing waste by ordering a SustainABLE Box from Paper Round’s website.

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