Viridor shares “recycling vision” for plastic in Wales

“Give all plastic a recycling solution” – Viridor shares its regional vision.

Viridor has announced a collaboration designed to allow the South West and South Wales to “take responsibility” for all the plastic consumed there and to work together to give it a recycling solution.

Viridor has brought together 150 representatives of local authorities, trade bodies, recyclers and reprocessors, packaging manufacturers, consumer brands, the retail sector and NGOs involved in beach cleans and litter picks to consider a new regional initiative.

If we pool our infrastructure and expertise and, most importantly our will, we can together ensure that plastic does not escape the net.

The initiative, “Rubbish to Resource – putting plastic to work for the South West and South Wales” – took place at We The Curious in Bristol today (Thursday, 27 February 2020).

The brainchild of Viridor MD Phil Piddington, the initiative aims to ensure that all plastic consumed in the region, from kerbside local authority collections, beach cleans and litter picks will all be sent to those companies which can recycle it.

Pooling infrastructure

Mr Piddington said: “We know that this is a region which is investing in the innovation needed to keep plastic out of the natural environment and put it back in the circular economy where it belongs.

“Viridor is investing £65m in the UK’s biggest multi-plastic recycling and reprocessing plant which will help manufacturers use recycled plastic instead of virgin material.

“But it is not just about one company, the success of this project lies in collaboration, and this is something which this region can lead on and which can be replicated across the UK and globally.

“If we pool our infrastructure and expertise and, most importantly our will, we can together ensure that plastic does not escape the net.

“This is how we tackle plastic pollution. It is everyone’s concern and everyone’s responsibility. We want to do our bit and show real leadership.”

Great environmental challenges of our age

Libby Peake, Head of Resource Policy at Green Alliance, said: “Plastic pollution is one of the great environmental challenges of our age. Solving it successfully will require a monumental effort from across all of society, and success will depend on collaboration from all the players involved in the design, manufacture, use, collection, and recycling of plastic and alternative materials.

“The Rubbish to Resource event is an opportunity to get to grips with how such a collaboration can work for the South West – and how the region can reduce plastic use and waste while improving circularity.”

Peter Maddox, Director of resources charity WRAP UK, said: “Collaboration is crucial to tackling plastic pollution, and it is at the heart of everything we do under The UK Plastics Pact.

“Only by bringing the entire supply chain together can we truly transform the way we make, use and dispose of plastic. So, it’s really encouraging to see Viridor driving collaboration on plastics in the South West and South Wales and committing investment for essential new infrastructure.”

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