Waste batteries have the #PowerToDoMore

Used batteries may no longer be able to operate appliances, but they still have the #PowerToDoMore, according to a campaign from producer compliance scheme Valpak, which is cutting carbon, educating members of the public and funding mental health support.

The initiative has raised £5,030 for local charity Springfield MIND and resulted in 1,006 new battery collection points at business sites.

Valpak’s Head of Procurement, Jon Clement, said: “In the UK, around 40,000 tonnes of portable batteries are sold each year. However, in 2018, only 8,000 tonnes were recycled. Without the correct treatment, waste batteries leak toxic waste and can cause dangerous fires in recycling facilities. This causes huge problems for local authorities.

“Through the #PowerToDoMore campaign, Valpak has launched a consumer campaign to improve public awareness and drive participation. We are also focusing on carbon by expanding our zero-carbon battery collection service and, finally, we have been supporting our local mental health charity MIND by donating £5 for every battery collection box ordered. Since the campaign started, 1,006 battery collection boxes have been ordered; once full, this represents a whopping 15 tonnes – or 750,000 AA batteries – to be collected.”

Batteries are typically collected at retail outlets or through household waste recycling sites. Valpak’s campaign has:

  • developed free tools for local authorities to communicate with business customers, encouraging them to segregate waste batteries.
  • partnered with North Tyneside Council to launch a consumer campaign around battery disposal.
  • invited all school pupils in the South Tyne and Weir area to take part in a competition to design a poster highlighting the potential fire hazards of discarded batteries. The winners will be displayed on GAP waste collection vehicles.

Valpak was the first to introduce a carbon-free, cycle courier collection service. Its Cambridge and London schemes have been so successful that they have generated 7.369 tonnes – around 368,450 – waste batteries for recycling. The scheme continues to grow, recently moving into Hoxton and Waltham Forest.

Through the #PowerToDoMore campaign, Valpak has launched a consumer campaign to improve public awareness and drive participation.

Clement said: “We all have the #PowerToDoMore. We decided to cover as many aspects of the supply chain as possible. Valpak staff are very active in supporting local charities and, as well as trying to drive battery recycling and cut carbon, we decided we wanted to assist those who may be struggling in these challenging times.”

Emily Styles, Fundraiser at Springfield MIND, added: “We’d like to give a massive thank you to Valpak, who are supporting Springfield Mind with a donation as part of their PowerToDoMore battery box recycling campaign.

“The need for our services is greater than ever and this is set to grow well into the future due to the legacy of Covid; therefore, we are so thankful that Valpak have chosen to donate vital funds to support us with our mission to promote wellbeing and prevent mental health problems in Warwickshire and Worcestershire.”

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