WRAP Consults On National Colour Scheme For Bins

WRAP is consulting stakeholders on the advantages and/or disadvantages of adopting a national colour scheme for household waste and recycling containers.

The consultation is part of WRAP’s work under the Framework for Greater Consistency in Recycling in England.

The consistency framework was published in September 2016. It sets out a vision where by 2025 packaging is designed to be recyclable and is clearly labelled to indicate whether it can be recycled or not. Every household in England should be able to recycle a common set of dry recyclable materials and food waste collected in one of three different ways.

The framework includes a commitment to explore the adoption of a national colour scheme for bins and containers over time.

WRAP is inviting responses to a survey to ascertain stakeholder insight and views relating to a national colour scheme for household waste/recycling containers.

The survey will explore your views on the benefits of such a scheme and the practicalities of implementation.

The survey will remain open for four weeks, from 12 October to 9 November 2017.

A summary of the consultation results will be published in January, and if appropriate, plans for any further research.

The start the survey CLICK HERE

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