Making Waste Work: A Toolkit Community Waste Management in Low and Middle Income Countries

This toolkit is designed for communities that want to do something better with their waste. Click here to read the executive summary.

When there is no municipal waste collection people have no option but to dump or burn their waste close to where they live. These practices are harmful to public health, local economies and the environment. When the different materials are kept separate, however, they can be managed safely and even used to generate a small income.

This toolkit shares simple and low-cost techniques for people to address the waste problem in their own communities. Community-scale waste management empowers people to protect their own and their children’s health, and tackle a shared, global challenge.

Read Making Waste Work to discover the challenge and the opportunity of delivering better waste management for all, and how to build local recycling enterprises, creating jobs and improving the local economy.

See the how to guides illustrated step-by-step instructions to making useful products from waste materials.


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