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What does the ‘restaurant rebound’ mean for food waste?

23rd March 2022

Anaerobic Digestion / Food Waste / ReFood


How could changing regulations impact the organics recycling sector?

23rd March 2022

Anaerobic Digestion / NNFCC / Organics Recycling


New mandatory food waste collection services could support farmers in ‘fertiliser crisis’

22nd March 2022

Anaerobic Digestion / biofertiliser / Food Waste


UK cross industry consortium urges COP26 President to support anaerobic digestion

21st September 2021

ADBA / Anaerobic Digestion / COP26


Anaerobic digestion ‘dangerously overlooked’ as immediate climate change mitigation solution

18th August 2021

Anaerobic Digestion / Climate Change / WBA


‘There’s no net zero without biogas’

4th August 2021

ADBA / Anaerobic Digestion / net zero


Anaerobic digestion and biogas industry commits to supporting UK’s net zero targets

28th June 2021

ADBA / Anaerobic Digestion / net zero


Regulation 61 Notices Guide

18th May 2021

Anaerobic Digestion / biowaste management / compost / in-vessel composting facilities / open windrow composting facilities

Research & Report

Biodegradable and Compostable Polymer Materials

6th May 2021

Anaerobic Digestion / biodegradable / compostable


Anaerobic digestion: the unsung hero of sustainability in agriculture

24th March 2021

ADBA / Anaerobic Digestion / Bioenergy


Calls for ‘urgent funding’ for separate food waste collections

3rd March 2021

ADBA / Anaerobic Digestion / Food Waste


Unilever and Starbucks join alliance to boost anaerobic digestion use in US

10th December 2020

Anaerobic Digestion / Farm Powered Strategic Alliance / Starbucks / Unilever

Research & Report

Reviewing biowaste treatment in the UK: current waste policy (part 1)

21st September 2020

Anaerobic Digestion / biowaste management / compost / Digestate


‘UK first’ sees biogas from cow manure injected into the grid

14th August 2020

Anaerobic Digestion / energy from waste / net zero / The National Grid Group


UK small scale biogas provide “significantly negative” carbon emissions

24th July 2020

Anaerobic Digestion / Climate Change / Food Waste / green recovery


Is it waste? – Understanding your digestate or digestate-derived material

9th July 2020

Anaerobic Digestion / Digestate / waste regulatory controls

Research & Report

Blog: Compostable packaging, its role in the UK and the need for better supply chain alignment

2nd July 2020

Anaerobic Digestion / compost / compostable packaging / EPR / plastic


Survey launched to treat surplus organic waste generated by COVID-19 lockdown

28th April 2020

ADBA / Anaerobic Digestion / Coronavirus / Food Waste / REA

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