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UK small scale biogas provide “significantly negative” carbon emissions

24th July 2020

Anaerobic Digestion / Climate Change / Food Waste / green recovery


Is it waste? – Understanding your digestate or digestate-derived material

9th July 2020

Anaerobic Digestion / Digestate / waste regulatory controls

Research & Report

Blog: Compostable packaging, its role in the UK and the need for better supply chain alignment

2nd July 2020

Anaerobic Digestion / compost / compostable packaging / EPR / plastic


Survey launched to treat surplus organic waste generated by COVID-19 lockdown

28th April 2020

ADBA / Anaerobic Digestion / Coronavirus / Food Waste / REA


AD and food waste during the COVID-19 pandemic

8th April 2020

ADBA / Anaerobic Digestion / Coronavirus


News in brief | Over two tonnes of litter collected during road closure

6th March 2020

Anaerobic Digestion / Food Waste / Litter / reuse


Managing organic wastes in the UK

16th January 2020

Anaerobic Digestion / biogas / Organic Waste

Briefing Paper

Trade associations’ and industry bodies’ briefing note on seeding anaerobic digestion facilities

20th December 2019

Anaerobic Digestion / seeding / waste digestate


Letter to Chancellor highlights climate potential of anaerobic digestion

23rd October 2019

ADBA / Anaerobic Digestion / Climate Change


Digestive system

25th September 2019

Anaerobic Digestion / collection / Food Waste / local authorities


A whole system approach

25th September 2019

ADBA / Anaerobic Digestion / Food Waste


Introduction to PAS110 and End of Waste Criteria

13th September 2019

Anaerobic Digestion / biofertiliser / biogas production / Digestate


(AD)ded incentive

11th July 2019

ADBA / Anaerobic Digestion / Food Waste


UK food waste reduced by almost 5m tonnes per year

5th July 2019

Anaerobic Digestion / Food Waste / ReFood


New deal will see energy made from cheese waste

17th June 2019

Anaerobic Digestion / energy from waste / Iona Capital

Case Study

Sustainability – British Sugar Case Study

1st June 2019

Anaerobic Digestion / renewable energy / sustainability / topsoil


Consistent collections needed to reduce and recycle food waste

15th May 2019

Anaerobic Digestion / Food Waste


ADBA At 10: Looking Back And Forward

14th March 2019

ADBA / Anaerobic Digestion / Food Waste

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