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Lithium Ion Battery “Most Likely” Cause Of Guernsey Recycling Fire

2nd May 2019

Guernsey / Lithium Ion Batteries / Waste Fire


Geminor Signs Contract To Export RDF From Guernsey To Scandinavia

19th September 2018

Geminor / Guernsey / RDF / Sweden / Waste Exports


Totus Environmental Wins Guernsey RDF Contract

21st December 2016

Guernsey / RDF / Totus Environmental


Jersey Put In Two Bids For Guernsey’s Waste

18th April 2016

Guernsey / Jersey / RDF / Sweden / Waste Exports


Guernsey To Export Refuse Derived Fuel To Sweden

14th April 2016

Guernsey / refuse derived fuel / Sweden / Waste Exports


Guernsey Waste Facility; Carpet Recycling; Food Waste App

11th January 2016

Carpet Recycling / Food Waste App / Guernsey / News in Brief


Household Recycling In Guernsey Reaches 50% Target

17th July 2015

EU Recycling Targets / Guernsey / Local Authority Collected Waste Statistics


News In Brief: Biomass Delay?, Tokyo 2020, Guernsey Contract

29th July 2014

Biomass / contract / Guernsey / plans / Southampton / Tokyo

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