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The Quartix vehicle tracking system helps over 13,000 customers save fuel and improve driver safety. Installed in over 500,000 vehicles worldwide, customer industries range from Construction and Utilities to the Public Sector and Landscaping. The award-winning system helps fleet managers identify their best drivers and make sense of costs.

A vehicle tracking system can be a powerful tool to reduce a business fleet’s carbon emissions, save costs and improve productivity. However, many organisations start with vehicle tracking for a separate set of reasons, e.g. security of the vehicles and wanting to know where their drivers are at any point in time. Systems that specifically track and measure driver behaviour also allow an organisation to target uneconomical driving styles, lowering costs and carbon emissions and reducing fuel consumption by up to 25%*.

Quartix real-time vehicle tracking offers an intuitive interface that provides actionable insight, letting you coach your drivers, lower your fuel costs and reduce the impact your fleet has on the environment. Through measuring vehicle idling times and mileage, the system also enables you to reduce unnecessary vehicle use, further supporting your green agenda.

Improving driving styles

With Quartix, it is simple to see where driving styles can be improved. Driver scores based on speed, acceleration and braking provide a solid basis for feedback, combined with your drivers’ average speeds on certain stretches of road compared with other professional road users in the Quartix database. When you improve your fleet’s driving style and minimise emissions, you also save fuel and reduce the of risk accidents on the road.

Trip reporting & route maps

Quartix displays your fleet’s total mileage, driving hours and idling time over a specified period in one simple report. Whether you need to report by driver or by vehicle, you can interrogate the data at the click of a button. Acting upon this insight can improve overall productivity and reduce employee overtime by up to 15%*. Quartix shows you exactly what routes your drivers are taking every day, letting you see where they overlap or involve avoidable areas of congestion – armed with this knowledge, you can ensure jobs are completed efficiently, at lower costs and in less time.

Reducing idling times

Knowing how your drivers are performing out on the roads can help you to decrease idling times by up to 30%*. Identifying where your drivers can decrease idling not only saves fuel, it also means greener results.

*Frost & Sullivan 2015

About Quartix

The Quartix vehicle tracking system has been installed in over 500,000 vehicles and helps a wide range of businesses improve productivity, cut costs and save on fuel every day. Providing commercial fleet tracking for cars, trucks, coaches and vans throughout the UK, US and Europe the system offers a host of valuable features for fleet managers.

Quartix vehicle tracking lets you:

  • Cut costs, manage mileage and reduce fuel consumption
  • Enhance customer service and responsiveness
  • Manage risk and improve road safety through driver education
  • Support your green agenda and reduce carbon emissions

The Quartix vehicle tracking system provides benefits to both your organisation and its workforce, easily feeding data into your existing systems to streamline processes. With tiered packages, Quartix helps businesses identify their safest drivers, make sense of mileage and fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions significantly. Get in touch to discuss the best option for your business on 01686 806 663 or

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