Chartered upgrade summary 2023



CIWM Qualifications and Standards Executive (Membership) Gabriel Mancho, MCIWM, takes you through the Chartered upgrade summary for 2023.

Becoming a Chartered Resources and Waste Manager (Chartered) does not only demonstrate you’ve achieved a high standard within the resources and waste sector but also the fact that you’re signed up to a professional code of conduct and committed to undertaking continual professional development every year.

To become Chartered, you need to demonstrate that you meet the key competencies of the framework of professional standards through an application and interview process.

Changes to the process

2023 saw some changes to the process of upgrading or applying to become a Chartered member of CIWM to highlight our commitment to support and encourage members through their journey to becoming Chartered. 

We implemented quarterly application windows which provide members and non-members alike with the flexibility to choose when they wish to apply. The chartered application deadline and interview dates for the whole year are made available on the CIWM website.

Making available the application deadline and interview dates via the CIWM website at the end of the previous year gives applicants the opportunity and flexibility to plan well ahead of time. These dates are shared with panellists to facilitate the process of planning and setting up interview panels.

Additionally, throughout each upgrade window, applicants have the option of choosing one of three days during which they would like to be interviewed. 

These changes come along with an update of the Chartered upgrade guidance document and the creation of a panellist guidance document to facilitate the responsibilities of panellists in the process. 

The introduction of recording interviews and guidance as to how the process works has been successful. Recordings are used for quality assurance purposes, to facilitate appeals, and to ensure standardisation across panels.

Panellists standardisation 

As part of the process, we value the contribution and input of panel members in ensuring a robust process. This year for the first time we held a very successful panellist standardisation event, during which panellists were allowed to provide feedback on the new process.

Within the standardisation event, we also provided guidance concerning open and closed questioning, this will ensure that applicants are given every opportunity to share their knowledge.

We aim to continuously increase the expertise and experience of our pool of volunteers by organising panellist training annually for new volunteers. 

Highlights of the year

It has been an incredible year in which we have seen the highest number of applications for chartered membership ever. This year alone saw 62 new chartered members welcomed to the fold, 10 of which applied via the direct entry route (from new).


No of Applicants Approved







The table above shows you a comparison of the number of applicants recommended for chartered in 2023 compared to 2022 and 2021. 

We aim to ensure we continue to improve the upgrade process and therefore encourage all applicants to complete an evaluation form which includes a net promoter score (NPS) question. We are pleased to say the responses from applicants who have gone through the process indicates an NPS of 83%. 

It is worthwhile noting that we also experienced an increased involvement of upgrade panellists taking part in the interviews. There were in total 20 interview panels across 4 (5 each) upgrade windows and 44 panellists volunteering their time.

Each interview panel comprises three panellists one of which is the chair of the panel. Without our panellist volunteers, we wouldn’t have been able to complete the interviews and so we are very thankful for the valuable contribution they have been making.

Chartered upgrade workshops are an integral part of the process. These are free-of-charge workshops, providing potential applicants with a better understanding of the process and an opportunity to get a first-hand experience from a recently chartered member. These are organised every quarter of the year at the start of each upgrade window and this year has seen record numbers in attendance. 

Below is a step-by-step guide to the chartered upgrade process.

  1. Attend an upgrade workshop/breakout
  2. Submit an application
  3. Application approved
  4. Attend an interview
  5. Interview outcome communicated

CIWM is always proud to celebrate the success of newly upgraded/chartered members on LinkedIn and social media after each upgrade session.

Mentoring has played a key role and applicants from an initial point of contact have been encouraged to sign up for the CIWM Mentoring scheme. The platform is a member-only benefit and offers the opportunity to be mentored in several different areas including upgrading to chartered by experienced professionals. Mentors have been through the process and have a good understanding. 

Given that applicants are required to provide as part of their application two sponsors for references, the platform has provided a good opportunity for mentors to double up as sponsors.

2024 Chartered Upgrade Dates


Workshop Date

Application Deadline

Interview Date

Session 1

Tues 23rd Jan

Wed 28th Feb

Mon 25th Mar

Tues 26th Mar

Wed 27th Mar





Session 2

Tues 23rd Apr

Fri 24th May

Mon 24th Jun

Tues 25th Jun

Wed 26th Jun





Session 3

Thurs 25th Jul

Tues 27th Aug

Mon 23rd Sept

Tues 24th Sept

Wed 25th Sept





Session 4

Tues 15th Oct

Tues 12th Nov

Mon 9th Dec

Tues 10th Dec

Wed 11th Dec

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