Top tips for the Chartered Resources and Waste Manager interview

CIWM Fellow and centre councillor Gill Mulroe, offers her top tips for anyone undertaking their Chartered Resources and Waste Manager interview.


1 – Check your tech and log-in early to see that everything is working okay

2 – If you have anyone in the house working from home, ask if they would disconnect from the Wi-Fi on their devices to ensure you have the best connection possible

3 – If you are back in the office, put a sign on your door and ask to not be disturbed during your interview, and check with IT to see if they anticipate any outages

4 – Brush up on key topics in the sector

5 – Go over your presentation – 10 minutes is your allowance. I suggest a presentation on something you’re passionate about and shows your passion for the waste sector

6 – Ensure you know the topic inside and out. Chances are there will be questions afterwards. You may also be teaching your interviewers something new

7 – If you don’t know an answer to a question, don’t try to guess. Let the panel know you do not know

8 – Dry throat is a thing. Have a glass of water ready – but don’t knock it over onto your computer!

9 – Research your panel of interviewers – it’s nothing like Dragons’ Den or The Apprentice so enjoy the experience

10 – Use this time to show the panel why you want this and how important this is to you

11 – Be a beacon for your own personal ‘brand’ and embody the standards that represent being a chartered member. In a nutshell, just be brilliant.

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