40% of UK adults plan to gift at least one used item this Christmas


Christmas presents

40% of UK adults plan to give at least one used gift to their loved ones this Christmas a 26% increase since 2020, according to new research commissioned by MPB.

MPB’s fourth annual poll examining UK attitudes to gifting used items reveals 57% of adults surveyed are now considering the environmental sustainability of their gifts, which is up from 52% last year.

73% of UK respondents said they would be happy to receive a used gift that’s in good condition. This reflects a jump from 45% who said this in 2020. 47% said they would prefer a used gift to new, with 52% admitting they now care more about the gifts they receive being sustainable than they did in the past.

21% of consumers polled said recipients have even asked for those gifting to buy used, up from 17% last year.

Sustainability is not the only thing driving this change in buyer behaviour, unsurprisingly the cost-of-living crisis has also impacted respondents. A separate survey by online classifieds group Adevinta showed 64% of European consumers are considering shopping second-hand this holiday season due to high cost-of-living.

The number of people planning to gift used this year is a reflection of increasing environmental awareness and concern.

30% of respondents to MPB’s survey said they couldn’t afford to buy brand-new gifts, which is consistent with responses from 2023. 44% of adults plan to sell unused belongings to help fund their Christmas present shopping, an increase on last year (40%).

Matt Barker, Founder and CEO of MPB, commented: “The number of people planning to gift used this year is a reflection of increasing environmental awareness and concern, as well as prolonged pressure from the ongoing high cost-of-living.

“Whatever the drivers, from cutting costs to helping the planet, buying and selling used benefits everyone. It’s promising to see improved confidence around buying and receiving used gifts. While more shoppers are catching on to circular behaviour, there are so many people still unaware of its benefits, and we would encourage them to join the used revolution.”

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