“First” commercially available 100% ocean plastic pellet produced

Plastic pellet

Ocean Legacy Foundation (OLF) claim to have produced the first commercially available plastic pellet made from 100% recycled ocean plastics in North America, called Legacy Plastic™.

The Canadian non-profit organisation, OLF says Legacy Plastic is made from high-grade 100% post-consumer processed recycled plastic recovered during ocean, shoreline and marine equipment clean-ups.

Following the introduction of Legacy Plastic, OLF says companies can use recycled marine plastics in their products and continue to close the loop on plastic management systems.

OLF says Legacy Plastic consists of recovered marine gear such as fishing ropes, buoys, floats, oyster trays and other anthropogenic plastic debris collected from clean-up activities and reprocessed for use in the manufacturing of new durable products.

Legacy Plastic is sourced from diverse channels within Ocean Legacy’s network of plastic and debris recovery operations with community partners as well as their recovery efforts, the non-profit says.

Legacy Plastic contributes to the plastic circular economy and reduces land and ocean pollution.

OLF says that the sourced plastic materials come from three sources, which include used Marine Gear from fishing and aquaculture operations along the Pacific Coast recovered at source or through Ocean Legacy depots.

2Shoreline Plastic recovered from shoreline clean-ups undertaken by Ocean Legacy’s clean-up expeditions, and other partner organisations that conduct shoreline clean-ups along the Pacific Northwest coastline.

As well as ocean plastics recovered from ocean recovery expeditions.

Commenting on the announcement, Chloé Dubois, co-founder, Ocean Legacy Foundation, said: “We soft launched Legacy Plastic in 2021 and we are thrilled with the amount of interest that it has received from companies that want to incorporate recycled content into their products.

“This is a huge milestone for Ocean Legacy Foundation as creating opportunities that bolster the use of materials collected during clean-up into new products will continue to advance the success of the plastic circular economy.

“Legacy Plastic contributes to the plastic circular economy and reduces land and ocean pollution. By using Legacy Plastic, companies become a part of the solution in fighting the ocean plastic pollution crisis.”

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