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Study aims to prevent leakages of fishery waste

25th January 2023

fishing gear / Ocean Plastic / reuse


“First” commercially available 100% ocean plastic pellet produced

13th December 2022

Circular Economy / Ocean Plastic / plastic


Lidl GB updates packaging to prevent ocean plastic

31st October 2022

Lidl / Ocean Plastic / packaging

Research & Report

Event write-up: Stopping the Plastic Tide

31st January 2022

Litter / Marine Plastic / Ocean Plastic / Pollution


Research warns plastic pollution is jeopardising sea’s crucial role in fighting climate change

15th September 2021

Climate Change / Environment / Ocean Plastic / Single-Use Plastic


Coca-Cola becomes first global partner for river clean-up project

4th June 2021

Ocean Plastic / plastic / The Coca Cola Company / The Ocean Cleanup


Thai partnership launches commitment to plastic footprint reduction

12th April 2021

Ocean Plastic / plastic / SWAT / United Nations Environment Programme


US and UK produce most plastic waste per person, new research finds

2nd November 2020

Ocean Plastic / plastic / Waste Exports


First ever global estimate suggests 14 million tonnes of microplastics on seafloor

6th October 2020

CSIRO / microplastic / Ocean Plastic / plastic


England bans plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds

1st October 2020

ban / Ocean Plastic / packaging / plastic

Millions of dollars needed to clean up marine litter from one small island state

15th September 2020

Marine Litter / Ocean Plastic / Oxford University / plastic


Study: At least 10 times more plastic in Atlantic than previously thought

21st August 2020

microplastic / National Oceanography Centre / Ocean Plastic


Largest open ocean clean-up ‘sets new record’

7th August 2020

Ocean Plastic / Ocean Voyages Institute / plastic


Banking on a circular economy

6th August 2020

Ocean Plastic / plastic / plastic bank


Study: Surface clean-up technology ‘won’t solve ocean plastic problem’

4th August 2020

Making Oceans Plastic Free / Ocean Plastic / plastic


Research finds plastic flows into the ocean expected to triple by 2040

24th July 2020

Break the Plastic Wave / Ocean Plastic / plastic


Ocean plastic “virtually unaltered” after a quarter of a century

22nd June 2020

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel / Ocean Plastic / plastic


300,000 demand government “action on plastic pollution”

26th February 2020

Friends of the Earth / Ocean Plastic / plastic / Pollution

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