Scotland publishes consultation on circular economy transition


Circular Economy

The Scottish Government publishes draft Circular Economy and Waste Route Map consultation, which calls for mandating food waste reporting and modernising household recycling services.

Following an initial consultation in 2022, the latest Route Map sets out a plan for new national reuse and recycling targets along with “priority actions” needed for Scotland to transition to a circular economy by 2030.

The consultation seeks views on the Scottish Government’s plan to develop a Circular Economy strategy every five years from 2025 and set new circular economy targets (determined from 2025).

The proposed priorities in the Route Map include reducing food waste from households and businesses and “significantly improve” recycling from households and businesses.

The Route Map also sets out the goal of “embedding” circular construction practices, including the development of regional Scottish hubs and networks for the reuse of construction materials and assets.

For people to do the right thing for the planet, it is crucial that everyone experiences a modern, easy to use waste service.

Policies the Scottish Government are seeking views on include developing a Product Stewardship Plan to identify the environmental impact of priority products as part of its goal to reduce and reuse waste. The consultation is also reviewing the feasibility of setting reuse targets from 2025.

As part of its objective to reduce food waste, the Scottish Government says one of its priority actions is to implement mandatory reporting for food waste and surplus by businesses by 2025/26.

To improve business and household recycling, the Scottish Government plan to facilitate a co-design process with Local Government for recycling and reuse services.

Circular Economy Minister Lorna Slater commented: “We have already made good progress across Scotland, significantly reducing the amount of waste we generate and landfill, but we need to go further if reusing and recycling goods is to become the default choice for households, businesses and the public sector.

“For people to do the right thing for the planet, it is crucial that everyone experiences a modern, easy to use waste service. This second consultation sets out our priority actions and the tools we will put in place to help everyone play their part in cutting waste and capitalising on the economic opportunities that a circular economy presents to businesses. I urge everyone to take part.”

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