Zara launches resale platform as “commitment” to circularity


The clothing retailer’s new platform, Zara Pre-Owned, will allow customers to resell items, request repairs, and arrange for clothes to be collected from their homes and donated to charity.

On November 3rd, Zara will launch “Zara Pre-Owned” in the UK – a “pioneering” integrated platform available through Zara stores, and its mobile app.

Through this platform, Zara says customers will be able to make more “sustainable decisions” with regards to their used clothing and will contribute to the reduction of waste and the consumption of new raw materials.

Zara says customers will be able to request repairs on any used Zara garments from any season through the platform. The services offered will include a wide range of repair options, ranging from the replacement of buttons and zippers to repairing seams.

The Zara Pre-Owned platform will offer the following services: repair, resale, and donation.

The fast fashion retailer continues that the customer can carry out the process entirely online or at a Zara store of their choosing.

Zara Pre-Owned will also offer individuals in the United Kingdom the opportunity to resell their Zara items through a “secure” platform. In this customer-to-customer process, individuals can resell or buy any Zara garment from any collection, with the company providing reliable technological and customer services, Zara says.

Finally, through the Zara Pre-Owned platform, customers can request that used clothing be collected from their homes for donation. Zara says that similarly to the donation containers in all Zara stores across the United Kingdom, online donations of garments will go to the Red Cross.

Zara says the new platform is part of its commitment to moving towards a circular economy model that encompasses “all phases of its activity” – from product design to the management of its stores, as well as manufacturing, logistics and the company’s offices.

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