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ZWE calls on global governments to address fast fashion models

4th September 2023

Fast Fashion / textile / Zero Waste Europe


37% of British people want to end the use of single-use plastic

24th August 2023

Climate Change / Fast Fashion / Single-Use Plastic


Leading apparel brands unite in quest for harmonised textile waste management

1st June 2023

Circular Economy / EPR / Fast Fashion / textiles


Cleaning up fast fashion: can it be done?

6th February 2023

Circular Economy / Fast Fashion / reuse


Teemill is paying people to send its used-clothing back this Black Friday

8th November 2022

Circular Economy / Fast Fashion / teemill


Average Brit throws away 72 items of clothing a year, British Wool report says

26th October 2022

Fast Fashion / landfill / reuse


Zara launches resale platform as “commitment” to circularity

24th October 2022

Circular Economy / Fast Fashion / reuse


Investigation finds clothing waste from top fashion brands’ suppliers burnt in “toxic kilns” in Cambodia

9th August 2022

Fast Fashion / Greenpeace / international / Textile Waste


Ed Sheeran collabs with Lucy & Yak to launch “conscious capsule” fashion collection

22nd July 2022

Circular Economy / Fast Fashion / Textile Waste


Gen Z driving increase in fast fashion returns

24th May 2022

behaviour change / Fast Fashion / Hubbub


Switching to eco-friendly “capsule wardrobe” could save consumers up to  £27k

20th May 2022

Circular Economy / circular production / Fast Fashion


Ten circular trends for the 20s

29th March 2022

Circular Economy / Fast Fashion / Innovation


‘Re-style, re-wear and rejoice’ this festive season – Hubbub

30th November 2021

Fast Fashion / Hubbub / Textile Waste


Six in ten consumers think UK businesses need to ‘act now’ on climate change

1st November 2021

COP26 / Fast Fashion / WRAP


Clothing and textile businesses show progress on the road to net zero

19th October 2021

Fast Fashion / textiles / WRAP


Clothes made from recycled plastic bottles ‘adding to fashion’s waste crisis’

7th October 2021

city to the sea / Fast Fashion / plastic


Calls to ‘massively reduce’ the number of new clothes purchased each year

24th September 2021

Fast Fashion / Textile Waste / The British Fashion Council


All Primark clothes to be made using recycled or ‘more sustainably sourced’ materials

17th September 2021

Fast Fashion / primark / textiles

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