“All Things Circular” Live Podcast with Mark Shayler

Join us for a riveting live podcast on “All Things Circular” ahead of the highly anticipated Festival of Circular Economy taking place on Wednesday and Thursday (15-16 November) this week.

Hosted by the charismatic and insightful Mark Shayler as part of ReLondon’s Circular Economy Week, this special episode promises to be an eye-opener into the world of sustainable living and circular economy

Mark, renowned for his dynamic approach and expertise in environmental strategies, will lead the discussion, diving deep into the practices that are reshaping our future

Our esteemed guests include:

  1. Claire Potter – A visionary Circular Designer who has been at the forefront of sustainable design.
  2. Marilu Valente – A Product Developer with a knack for integrating eco-friendly methodologies into practical products

Together, they’ll explore the nuances of circular economy, share their unique insights, and discuss innovative strategies that are driving change in our world.

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