The Beyond Waste Podcast

Welcome to The Beyond Waste Podcast with your host Lee Marshall, CIWM’s policy and external affairs director.

Join us as we deep dive into the world of waste, resources, and the circular economy. In each episode, we’ll bring you insightful discussions with industry experts, thought leaders, and influential voices shaping the future of sustainability.

Join us as we embark on a journey to create a more sustainable future by transforming waste into valuable resources.

Episode 1: Celebrating the UK Resources Sector: Tackling Waste Crime and Driving Policy Change

Episode 2: Learning from the Past – A Deep Dive into Reuse During the War

Episode 3: Scotland’s Circular Horizons: Innovating Beyond Waste

Episode 4: Reviewing the Year for the Sector, for CIWM & Manifesting the Future

Episode 5: COP28 Reflections & CIWM 2024 – Charting the Future

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