“Redefining Progress” Festival of Circular Economy Podcast with Mark Shayler

In this enlightening episode, we delve into the inspiring journey of Philip and his groundbreaking work with Pentatonic, a beacon in the circular economy (CE) landscape.

Discover the roots of Philip’s fascination with waste management and CE, and how it fuelled the creation of Pentatonic. We’ll explore the current market’s bright spots and dissect challenges through a solutions-focused lens.

Our discussion also navigates the dynamic world of investment and reinvestment, examining effective strategies to nurture and scale innovative startups.

Dive into the evolving CE infrastructure, where we scrutinise the need for products designed with purpose, intelligent production methods for the greater good, and the shift away from traditional monetisation models, emphasising the significance of alternative materials and decentralisation.

We’ll also discuss the imperative transformation organisations must undergo to offer sustainable programmes, including take-back schemes, and the extensive restructuring it entails.

The episode highlights the pivotal role of localising manufacturing, reviving skills within communities, and driving the CE movement forward.

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