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Pact Retail Accessories joins the UK Plastics Pact to help retailers eliminate plastic waste

5th October 2021

garment hangers / Plastic Packaging / UK Plastics Pact / WRAP


Boots’ beauty product recycling scheme saves over a tonne of plastic from landfill

14th December 2020

boots / plastic / Plastic Packaging


Tesco cuts 20 million pieces of plastic from its Christmas range

9th December 2020

plastic / Plastic Packaging / Tesco


The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo and Nestlé named top plastic polluters for the third year in a row

8th December 2020

Break Free From Plastic / plastic / Plastic Packaging


UK Plastics Pact cuts ‘unnecessary’ plastic by 40%

8th December 2020

plastic / Plastic Packaging / Plastics Pact / WRPA

Research & Report

CIWM Report: Eliminating avoidable plastic waste by 2042: a use-based approach to decision and policy making

7th December 2020

framework / Plastic Packaging / Recycling


‘Significant progress’ made in plastic packaging recycled content

9th November 2020

Ellen MacArthur Foundation / plastic / Plastic Packaging / UNEP


Iceland calls for ‘transparent’ plastic packaging reporting among retailers

16th September 2020

Greenpeace / Iceland / Plastic Packaging


Survey finds household plastic waste increased under lockdown conditions

10th August 2020

Coronavirus / Everyday Plastic Survey​ / Plastic Packaging


Coca-Cola European Partners invests in circular PET start-up

16th July 2020

Circular Economy / Coca Cola European Partners / PET / Plastic Packaging


UK Government reaffirms ‘global fight’ against single-use plastics

15th July 2020

Defra / plastic / Plastic Packaging


Cathedral City launches Britain’s first cheese packaging recycling programme

14th July 2020

cathederal city / Plastic Packaging / TerraCycle


Aldi to cut 74,000 tonnes of plastic packaging by 2025

13th July 2020

Aldi / plastic / Plastic Packaging

Briefing Paper

Plastic packaging and household food waste prevention

16th June 2019

Food Waste / Plastic Packaging


UK Government Urged To Establish “Plastic Packaging Taskforce”

12th February 2019

Environment Agency / plastic / Plastic Packaging / Policy Connect


Ireland’s Plastic Packaging Recycling Must Increase 80% To Meet New Targets

20th September 2018

EU Recycling Targets / Ireland / Plastic Packaging / Single-Use Plastic


Roadmap To Eliminating Plastic Waste From Drinks Value Chain

7th September 2018

Plastic Packaging / The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership


WRAP Publishes Plastic Packaging Factsheet

31st July 2018

Beach Plastic / Plastic Packaging / WRAP

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