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Metal recycling firm calls for stronger battery recycling targets

12th December 2023

Batteries / Defra / Recycling Targets


European Commission recommends actions to boost recycling in 18 countries

15th June 2023

EU / European Commission / Recycling Targets


WRA calls for higher packaging recycling targets for wood

6th April 2023

Environment Agency / Recycling Targets / The Wood Recyclers’ Association


Aluminium packaging recycling rate on track to surpass 2022 target

7th December 2022

Aluminium Packaging / Alupro / Recycling Targets


Council to fit food bins with “microchips” to monitor use

23rd October 2019

Denbighshire County Council / Food Waste / Recycling Targets


Further Cuts To HWRC Services Could Affect Recycling Rates – FCC

10th October 2018

Circular Economy Packaging / FCC Environment / HWRCs / Recycling Targets


EU Parliament Adopts Ambitious New Recycling Targets

19th April 2018

EU Parliament / MEPs / Recycling Targets


EU Glass Packaging Closed Loop Recycling Steady At 74%

11th April 2018

EU / FEVE / Glass Recycling / Recycling Targets


Overall UK Recycling Rate Rises 0.6% To Reach 45.2%

22nd February 2018

Local Authority Collected Waste Statistics / Recycling Targets


Circular Economy Package: Council Agrees 55% Recycling Target By 2025

19th December 2017

Circular Economy Package / Recycling Targets


Gov’s “Bland Assertions” On Recycling Commitment Not Enough

16th January 2017

CIWM / Colin Church / Debra / Local Authority Collected Waste Statistics / Recycling Targets


Re-Energising The Duty of Care For The 21st Century

24th February 2016

Circular Economy / continuing competence / duty of care / producer responsibility / quality protocols / Recycling Targets / Source separation / Waste Crime

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