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EU not on track to halve non-recycled municipal waste by 2030 – EEA

27th April 2022

Circular Economy / European Commission / European Environment Agency


New EU proposals to tackle greenwashing and boost Europe’s ‘resource independence’

31st March 2022

Circular Economy / European Commission / The European Green Deal


European Commission approves the acquisition of Suez by Veolia

16th December 2021

business / European Commission / SUEZ / Veolia


EU Waste Shipment Regulation ‘should not incentivise landfill capacity’ – ESWET

24th November 2021

ESWET / European Commission / Waste Exports


Recycling industry ‘holds its breath’ ahead of EU waste shipment recast

15th November 2021

BIR International Environment Council / European Commission / Waste Exports


EU’s residual waste policy needs ‘radical improvement’ – Zero Waste Europe

13th October 2021

energy from waste / European Commission / Zero Waste Europe


European Commission to establish carbon footprint declaration for batteries

11th December 2020

Batteries / Circular Economy / European Commission


Eunomia developing options for reporting recycled content across Europe

20th November 2020

Eunomia / European Commission / plastic


COVID-19 | European Commission launches guidance to “ensure waste shipments”

1st April 2020

Coronavirus / European Commission / Waste Exports


European Commission adopts new Circular Economy Action Plan

12th March 2020

Circular Economy / circular economy action plan / Europe / European Commission


New laws to make Europe “first climate neutral continent” by 2050

5th March 2020

Climate Change / European Commission


EU invests more than €100m to promote a “green and climate-neutral” Europe

18th February 2020

Climate Change / EU / EU LIFE+ / European Commission


Commission Updates On Circular Economy Action Plan

5th March 2019

Circular Economy / Circular Economy Package / European Commission


New EU Environmental Standards For Waste Treatment

24th August 2018

EU / European Commission / Waste Standards


EU Urged To Set Minimum Recycled Content For Plastic Products

20th July 2018

EU / European Commission / FEAD / Keep Britain Tidy / plastic / Resource Association


New EU Rules Target Top 10 Single-Use Plastics Found On Beaches

30th May 2018

European Commission / Marine Litter / Member States EU Targets / Ocean Plastics / Plastics


UK Will Vote In Favour Of EU Circular Economy Package

23rd March 2018

Circular Economy Package / Defra / Dr Colin Church / EU / EU Recycling Targets / European Commission


EU Ambassadors Approve New Waste & Recycling Rules

27th February 2018

EU / EU Recycling Targets / European Commission / member states

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