Supporting your mental health: Looking out for ‘windfalls’

It can sometimes be difficult not to focus on the negatives, especially at the moment, but by re-framing our thinking we can look out for the ‘windfalls’ or opportunities that are presenting themselves for us to enjoy and experience.

This webinar will help us to explore the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ and consider how to incorporate nourishing activities into our daily lives.  Thinking about how Connecting, Taking Notice, Being Active, Giving, and Continuing Learning can impact on our sense of wellbeing, our thinking and our behaviour. During the webinar, the ‘Healthy Mind Platter’ will also be explored, which will involve thinking about ‘focus time’, ‘playtime’ and ‘sleep’.

The webinar is delivered by Simon Richardson (LL.M, LL.B, RMN, RGN). Simon has over 30 years of experience in the health and education sectors and has worked as a qualified nurse in a variety of mental health settings. He has extensive experience in counselling and facilitating positive approaches to physical and mental health.

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