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RPS for waste wood extended to 2020

20th September 2019

Environment Agency / Waste Wood / WRA


Capital gain

19th September 2019

natural capital / The Wood Recyclers’ Association / Waste Wood


News in brief | the fastest refuse collection team in the UK

24th June 2019

MRWA / National Refuse Championships / Waste Wood


Exports Of Waste Wood Products Decrease As UK Markets Grow

27th June 2018

Waste Wood / Wood Recyclers Association


WRA Renews Call On Biomass Boiler Fuel Supply

4th May 2018

Biomass / Waste Wood / WRA


Peel & BIG Announce First Low Carbon Energy At Protos

30th April 2018

BIG / Biomass / Energy / Peel / Protos / renewable energy / sustainability / Waste Wood


Waste Wood Experts Join Forces Over Proposed Classification Changes

4th September 2017

Environment Agency / Waste Wood / WRA


Work Begins On Fire Prevention Plan Wood Template For Operators

27th February 2017

Environment Agency / Fire Prevention Plan / Waste Wood / Wood Recyclers Association


Firefighters Remain At Norfolk Waste Timber Fire

23rd January 2017

fire / Norfolk / Waste Wood


WRA Calls For Permits Clarity In Fire Prevention Plan

13th July 2016

Andy Hill / Environment Agency / Fire Prevention Plan / Waste Wood / Wood Recyclers Association


£25,000 Fine For Illegal Burning Of Waste Wood

26th May 2016

Environment Agency / Waste Wood


Wood Recyclers Raise Concerns Over EA Fire Prevention Plan

18th February 2016

Environment Agency / Fire Prevention Plan / Waste Fire / Waste Wood


Veolia Acquires Waste Wood Business

6th January 2016

Boomeco / Veolia / Waste Wood


GIB Invests £35m Into Tilbury Biomass Facility

26th March 2015

Biomass / Eunomia / Green Investment Bank / Tilbury / Waste Wood


£110m Funding For Wood Renewable Energy Facility In Merseyside

21st November 2014

Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S / Green Investment Bank / Merseyside / Stobart Biomass Products Limited / Waste Wood


Biomass Plant Proposals Submitted To Stockton Borough Council

8th May 2014

Biomass / energy from waste / Port Clarence Energy / Stockton / Waste Wood


Recycling Director Jailed Following Wood Waste Fire

5th March 2014

Arcwood Recycling Ltd / Environment Agency / fire / Waste Crime / Waste Wood / Wood Recycling


Leicester Man Imprisoned For Illegal Waste Activity At His Home

24th September 2013

ASBO / Environment Agency / Leicester / Waste Crime / Waste Wood

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