Tackling modern slavery in the waste and recycling sector

The Indirect Procurement Human Rights (IPHR) Forum are pleased to host this webinar focussing on tackling modern slavery in the waste and recycling sector. Sharing insights and learnings that are specific to the sector, they launch their collaborative Modern Slavery in Waste and Recycling Toolkit. With a great line-up of speakers, they leave you with some tangible actions you can take to help make this sector as inhospitable to exploiters as possible and help prevent your own business from being exploited.


  • Ray Parmenter, Head of Technical and Policy, CIWM
  • Hannah Symons, Corporate and Supporter Relations Manager, Hope for Justice
  • Susan Banister, Accounts Director, Salve Free Alliance
  • Jacob Hayler, Executive Director, Environmental Services Association
  • Diane Crowe, Head of Group Sustainability, Reconomy
  • Sophie Fryer, Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability Manager, Co-Op


  • Learning from Operation Fort, how modern slavery can happen, and happen in this sector
  • Understanding the survivor-side of modern slavery
  • What is the role of organisations in the waste and recycling sector? Waste service providers and customers alike.
  • Launching our Modern Slavery in Waste & Recycling Toolkit: Practical steps you can take to protect your business
  • What can you do today to stand against modern slavery in waste and recycling?


Survivor of modern slavery speaks out


Modern Slavery Toolkit: Waste and Recycling Sector


Hope for Justice – Digital Pack

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