Scotland’s landfill ban delayed until 2025

20th September 2019

Food Waste / landfill / Scotland


Waste Legislation Essentials in Scotland

13th September 2019

compliance / Legal Obligation / Scotland / Waste Definition / Waste Legislation


Draft legislation brought forward for Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme

11th September 2019

British Glass / DRS / Scotland / SESA


Sturgeon sets out climate-focussed programme for Scotland

4th September 2019

Circular Economy / Climate Change / Scotland


DRS could see 31,000 plastic bottles vanish from Scotland’s streets each day

30th July 2019

DRS / Litter / Scotland


Report highlights Scotland’s “hidden cost of single-use packaging”

10th July 2019

packaging / plastic / Scotland


Scotland’s DRS to save £46m on clearing litter and fly-tipping

10th July 2019

DRS / EPR / Scotland


Food waste recycling in Scotland leaps by 40% to record high

3rd July 2019

Food Waste / Scotland / Zero Waste Scotland


Business waste disposal costing Aberdeenshire taxpayers £500,000 a year

6th June 2019

Aberdeenshire Council / business waste / HWRCs


Performance enhancer?

5th June 2019

local authorities / TEEP / Wardell Armstong


SEPA to meet with Labour MSP over clinical waste “backlog”

4th June 2019

Clinical Waste / Healthcare Environmental Services / Scotland

Briefing Paper

Proposal to ban the manufacture and sale of plastic-stemmed cotton buds in Scotland

31st May 2019

Briefing Paper

Developing an Environmental Strategy for Scotland

31st May 2019


JEREMY PAXMAN: Time to clean up Britain

31st May 2019

clean up britain / Jeremy Paxman / Litter

New Plans To Tackle Food Waste In Scotland

25th April 2019

Food Waste / Scotland


Tyre Safety Campaign Aims To Drive Out Scotland’s Illegal Dealers

20th March 2019

Fly-Tipping / Scotland / Waste Tyres


Scottish Landfill Ban Is A “£100m Landfill Tax Gift To England” – SESA

27th February 2019

ESA / Landfill Ban / organics / Scotland / SESA


Scotland Being Part Of UK Deposit Scheme Would be “Beneficial”

22nd February 2019

DRS / Scotland

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