A complete recycling and waste system for workspaces

Why do aesthetics matter when it comes to a bin? A seemingly unimportant factor of a formerly ‘basic’ office fixture became the foundation of the award-winning bins from Method Recycling.

The beautiful bins have now helped leading organisations around the world to recycle more and waste less. Method have quickly emerged as the preferred waste and recycling solution for modern offices, workspaces, venues and facilities around the world.

Method have been in the UK for just under a year and have had the privilege of working with leading UK organisations such as world-renowned British architecture firm Foster + Partners, large coworking provider The Office Group, the Design Council, Level 39.

Method bins become a visible statement of an organisations commitment to recycling and sustainability; creating a collective culture in the workspace through awareness

Method are excited to be attending the RWM exhibition this September to have more insightful conversations with organisations that want to make a difference.

Method began with the desire to make a visible difference for the workplace, constantly seeing organisations who wanted to recycle without the tools to be successful. From here, three years were spent researching and developing a bin that met the needs of modern spaces and organisations.

Co-founders Steven and India Korner held focus groups, developed prototypes, and even helped cleaners on the night shift. All to gain a holistic understanding of how the bin needed to function at every stage of an organisations waste and recycling process.

Open Plan Recycling

More than just a bin, a truly sustainable solution should consider the needs of people, the environment, and be financially viable.

The 60L recycling and waste bins are placed together to form flexible recycling stations that are located throughout an open-plan space. The deep understanding gained during the research and development phase means that the Method system effectively changes individual recycling behaviours.

The beautiful bins are coded with information to help users accurately separate their waste; such as the colour-coded lids and clear graphics. The bold colours are designed to match industry standards while complementing modern aesthetics, making the bins stand out as a featured part of office design. Through regular use of bins that are consistent throughout a space, building or even a series of buildings, recycling becomes an unconscious behaviour.

What are the financial ramifications of the Method system? With the communal recycling stations, there are fewer bins and liners to purchase and service. So compared to traditional options, such as desk bins, organisations actually save time and money with Method. As well as the reduced cost of waste disposal as you recycle more and waste less, especially in the face of rising waste levies.

Last but certainly not least, the innovative recycling system sees organisations increase their recycling rates substantially. Westpac Bank in New Zealand reduced their waste to landfill from 70% to 30% with Method bins.

Method bins become a visible statement of an organisations commitment to recycling and sustainability; creating a collective culture in the workspace through awareness. The bins are made from injection moulded polypropylene, a strong and durable material so the bins will serve organisations for a long time. Further, at least 50% of the black components are made from recycled materials and the bins are fully recyclable at the end of their life.

The New Method in Practice

Design giant Canva found Method bins when they were looking for a recycling solution that complemented their beautiful offices while helping them to achieve some lofty sustainability goals.

Canva’s Global Office Architect Shamal Singh found “Method’s beautiful bins allow the sometimes daunting task of having four waste and recycling options to be manageable and scalable across our ever-expanding offices.”

If you are at RWM this year head on over to stand T76 to find out what the designer bins can do for your space. Can’t make it to RWM? Get in touch through their website for more information – methodrecycling.com.

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