Scottish Resources Conference 2023: 5 things to look forward to


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Circular Online looks ahead to this year’s Scottish Resources Conference and picks out 5 things we’re looking forward to from the exciting and insightful programme.

The Scottish Resources Conference (SRC) returns to Perth for two days of discussion, knowledge-sharing and networking on October 3 Tuesday through Wednesday 4 October.

From how far away a fully realised circular economy is in Scotland to the technology making sustainable processes a reality, SRC focuses on the most important developments in the sector.

In anticipation of the event, Circular Online has picked out 5 things we’re looking forward to at SRC 2023:

  1. Day 1: 10:05 – 10:45 – Panel: The Current Status of Circular in Scotland
  2. Day 1: 10:45 – 11:15 – Fireside Chat: Reviewing the BMW Landfill Ban
  3. Day 2: 10:35 – 11:15 – Panel: Tech Aiding Sustainable Processes
  4. Day 2: 13:40 – 14:20 – Panel: Be The Change – Raising Awareness and Encouraging Behaviour Change
  5. Day 2: 14:50 – 15:30 – Panel: The Future is Reuse!

The Current Status of Circular in Scotland

Scottish Resources Conference


  • Laura Tainsh, Chair, CIWM Scotland Centre Council 


  • Laura Young, Less Waste Laura 
  • Paul Vanston, Chief Executive, INCPEN 
  • Mike Robinson, Chair, Perth City Leadership Forum 
  • Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland

What does the current landscape of circular practices look like in Scotland? This panel will explore circularity in the country, the problems preventing a circular economy and the potential solutions.

Panellists will examine the current policy and regulation limitations and explore the impending changes from the Route Map and the Circular Economy Bill. They will also assess the consumer perspective, asking if there is enough awareness around circular initiatives. Before working towards an answer to what we – as a sector – can do to increase awareness.

Fireside Chat: Reviewing the BMW Landfill Ban

landfill plastics


  • Laura Young, Less Waste Laura 


  • Angus Hamilton, Managing Director, Levenseat

In a world of targets, moderator Laura Young will ask the panel if the Scottish government’s plan is on track to reduce waste and increase recycling by 2025. And if not, why not. This panel will discuss the BMW (Biodegradable municipal waste) landfill ban and delve into the impact it’s having on the sector in Scotland.

The panel will also uncover how the sector can raise awareness and education about the best way to recycle and reuse BMW, as well as the role local authorities have in reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

The sector is going through a big evolution, not just in Scotland, but around the world. Young will lead the panel in a discussion on the opportunities for innovation as more industries begin adopting more circular practices.

Tech Aiding Sustainable Processes



  • Dr. Stephen Wise, Chief Strategic Development Officer, Advetec
  • Fleur Ruckley, Head of Implementation, Topolytics
  • Matthew Steventon, Business Development Manager, Greyparrot

If, as a sector, we’re going to transition to a circular economy, technology will be a key tool. The panel of experts will look at the technologies available today, what more must be done to optimise the rollout of this tech, and what our technology could look like in the future. They will also examine how you can prepare for disruptions to onboarding to minimise any negative impact.

Technology can be a central pillar of a circular economy. The panel will explore how technologies, such as automation and visual detection, are helping develop more sustainable processes. As well as a deep dive into real-world examples of how technologies, like smart bins and material recovery, within the waste landscape.

Be The Change – Raising Awareness and Encouraging Behaviour Change



  • Duncan Simpson, Owner & Director, Duncan Simpson Associates/ CIWM Trustee


  • Kate Gallacher, Sustainability Officer, Scottish Leather Group
  • Dan Cooke, Head of Protected & Historic Landscapes, Cornwall Council/ CIWM President

For Scotland to transition to a circular economy, the resource and waste sector cannot take the steps on its own, it needs to bring the general public on the journey too. Panellists will identify the current perception of recycling schemes and sustainable initiatives in Scotland to understand the right way to increase consumer awareness.

Simpson will encourage panellists to lay out practical steps to encourage sustainable decision-making for consumers and stakeholders, as well as explore what this behaviour change would look like. The panel will also highlight specific examples of how to raise awareness and the concepts of co-design and co-delivery.

The Future is Reuse!



  • Alan Hendry, Sustainability Director, Mott Macdonald


  • Kerryn Sievewright, Waste Specialist Technical Lead, Dounreay
  • Terry McDonald, Executive Director, St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County, Inc

To make the circular economy a reality in Scotland, the sector needs to turn visions into actions. Hendry will lead the panel through a discussion on how to do this by evolving the sector and bringing the general public on the journey too, to a future where reuse is much more widespread.

The panel will answer questions, such as how to increase behaviour change and how to promote the power of reuse. They will also explore the need to adapt current business models to expand reuse. To do this, forming partnerships across the sector will be crucial; the panel will explore how to achieve foster collaboration to unlock the benefits of circularity.

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