Scottish Resources Conference ’22: what can you expect?

Perth Scotland

This year’s highly anticipated Scottish Resources Conference returns to Perth for the first time since 2019 and explores the road ahead for resources and waste management in Scotland.

Following recent consultations on the Circular Economy Bill and the Route Map, Scotland is at a critical point in its journey towards a circular economy. Over-consumption, growing levels of waste and the impact this is having on the environment mean that something needs to change – and the Scottish Resources Conference is the perfect place to come up with solutions.

Attendees will hear from the Scottish government about the Circular Economy Bill and route map as well as dive into discussions around food waste and how the problem of single-use plastic can be tackled. Behavioural change is on the agenda too, with experts speaking on ways to shift the public’s attitude and behaviour on waste and recycling.

The conference – which takes place on 15 November – is organised by CIWM, SEPA and Zero Waste Scotland, and provides a vital platform to ask questions, share ideas and develop solutions for a sustainable future.

Whether delegates attend in person or online, there will be plenty of opportunities to have a say: experts can be grilled in dedicated Q&A sessions and attendees can personalise their day by choosing from a range of topical breakout sessions.

If you’re interested in attending the Scottish Resources Conference 2022, whether online or in person, you can register at


Ministerial address – Lorna Slater MSP, Minister for green skills, circular economy and biodiversity, will set the policy scene for the day and update the conference on the Scottish government’s work in this area.

Plenary session – Leading experts on behaviour change will talk about their experiences – what works and what doesn’t. Expect to leave armed with ideas about how you can engage and encourage residents and customers to do the right thing with their waste and recycling.

Panel discussion – The Circular Economy Bill and what this means for Scotland. Key pieces of policy that will transform the way the waste management sector operates within Scotland during the coming years. Join in the debate and get ready for change.

Breakout sessions

Customise your conference experience with topical breakout sessions:

The road ahead – Join a discussion with the Scottish government on how its route map might evolve.

Think circular – Led by CIWM, this session will explore different options for achieving a circular economy in Scotland.

The route map in action – Hear from a Scottish local authority about how it is delivering services in line with the route map.

Treatment and transfers – A consideration of residual waste treatments, vital infrastructure and what small-scale options might be available.

The plastics problem – A focus on plastics and how the waste industry can make sure we collect and recycle more of them.

Circular Online will be covering the event, so if you can’t attend, look out for a live blog to keep up with the key aspects of the Scottish Resources Conference 2022.

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