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Governments across the world have declared a climate emergency. But what happens now? At this year’s Resourcing the Future Conference, delegates are set to explore how prepared the resources and waste sector is to respond to the climate crisis.

As an industry, our actions have a direct impact on the planet. The journey waste takes, whether it ends up in a landfill or whether it takes a circular route, could be the difference between contributing to the climate crisis and being a proactive climate responder.

The Resourcing the Future conference is set to headline thought-provoking speakers as they discuss the readiness of the industry to respond to climate change. By exploring case studies and policies, and bringing together expert panels, delegates can unlock knowledge and skills on how resource and waste management can positively impact the climate crisis.

On the first day of the conference, delegates will uncover what the sector is currently doing to tackle the climate emergency.

CIWM’s Policy and External Affairs Director, Lee Marshall, who helped organise the programme for the conference, says the waste and resources industry has been at the forefront of tackling climate change for years and this event looks at how we will build on that progress.

He said: “At the conference [RTF], we will look at what role the resources and waste industry has in addressing climate change and how what we do links to positive impacts as well as exploring areas such as carbon, greenhouse gas emissions and net zero.

“Lots of local authorities and organisations in the industry have declared climate emergencies, so we wanted a space to debate and explore the next steps, actions, systems and innovations that will need to be implemented to address this emergency, and Resourcing the Future is that space.”

Resourcing the Future 2019 2Over the two days, delegates will also have access to a wide range of virtual and in-person networking opportunities. Attendees at the prestigious One Great George Street will have the chance to discuss and debate the topics of the day in person during dedicated breaks throughout the conference, and all delegates – whether attending in London or online – will be able to make valuable new connections and network with fellow attendees, speakers and exhibitors using the interactive event app.

Resourcing the Future 2022 will offer a vital platform for leading professionals across the industry to explore how everyone can play their part.

Let’s explore what to expect from the 2 days of Resourcing the Future conference 2022.

“Stepping up” to the climate emergency

During the first day of the conference, panel guests will delve into what the sector is currently doing, as well as what else we will need to do, to “step up” to the climate emergency. A range of case studies will also be presented on the successful implementation of reuse models as well as the latest deposit return scheme (DRS) trials.

The Resourcing the Future conference will explore how equipped the sector is to be a climate crisis responder.

On day two, the focus will shift to the role the sector has in influencing the general public to act responsibly with their waste and resources to help tackle climate change. At the end of the conference, the attention will turn to answering the ultimate question of how well placed the industry is to be a climate emergency responder.

Day 1

The conference will open with a panel of thought-provoking speakers who will analyse where the waste and resource management sector is in tackling climate change. The speakers, chaired by CIWM President and External Affairs Director, SUEZ, Dr Adam Read, will also explore current and upcoming policies and how the industry can step up as part of the climate emergency first responders.

Resourcing the future conference 2019 3As part of the opening panel, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for Agri-Innovation and Climate Adaptation), Jo Churchill MP, will deliver the Defra keynote speech providing valuable insight into current Government policy and future strategies.

Following this initial talk, there will be a break for refreshments, opportunities to view exhibitions, and networking with the wide range of delegates in attendance.

Moving into the afternoon, the next panel will present a series of case studies on the successful implementation of reuse in different settings. Further discussions will investigate the traditional waste hierarchy by taking a modern perspective on reuse and its possible applications.

After lunch, delegates will explore the future of producer responsibility. The panel will explore how producer responsibility has broader horizons than packaging alone, as well as the latest technologies being developed to modernise DRS. There will also be a discussion on how the scheme administrator of the packaging system could be adapted for other responsibility strands.

In the final session of the day, after another break for refreshments and networking, a panel of experts will assess the changing landscape of municipal collections. Throughout this informed chat on household and business waste collection, the panel will explore the future of waste policy. There will also be a variety of case studies demonstrating the evolution of the municipal sector.

Day 2

Kicking things off in the morning of day two will be an exploration of the best policies for resource efficiency. The first session of the day will feature engaging presentations on innovation in resource use. Resourcing the future conference 2019 5

After the morning’s refreshment break, delegates will explore how to bring citizens on board to tackle the climate emergency as first responders. Through a mix of key insights from industry thought leaders and case studies, the chair of the discussion, CEO of INCPEN, Paul Vanston, will examine the influence the sector has in persuading citizens to take positive action against the climate crisis.

The lunch break presents another valuable networking opportunity, as well as time to sample the delicious refreshments on offer.

The final panel will feature a discussion on the current state of the industry and, importantly, the direction it needs to go; with input from a diverse representation of thought leaders from across the sector. Delegates will also have the opportunity to pose their questions to panellists as part of this interactive panel debate.

The conference will round up with closing remarks from the panel chair bringing day 2, and Resourcing the Future 2022, to a close.


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