Strengthening the CIWM member network through new technical membership grade


CIWM is proposing a new professional membership grade, recognising the significant technical operational skills across the resources and wastes sector.

By providing a clear route and grade for those from technical backgrounds we will strengthen the reach and knowledge of our membership network.

What is Technical Membership?

Technical membership will be a new grade of membership, equal in recognition to the current Associate Member grade. Associate Membership will continue to be available, and new and existing members will be able to self-select which option suits them best.

Individuals can be recognised as Associate Members through either:

  • A CIWM accredited degree, non-CIWM accredited relevant degree or degree level qualification, or;
  • A minimum of two years of experience in the sector alongside an apprenticeship or non-degree level qualification, or;
  • More than two years of experience in the sector.

Associate Members are able to use to designation AssocCIWM.

We are proposing that individuals can be recognised as Technical Members through either:

  • A CIWM Operational Excellence certification, a Level 4 CIWM (WAMITAB) qualification or a relevant degree or degree level qualification or;
  • A minimum of two years of experience in a technical or operational role alongside a technical apprenticeship, or;
  • More than two years of experience in a technical or operational role in the sector.

Technical Members would be able to use the designation TechCIWM.

Both routes provide CIWM recognition of a level of professionalism and provide the same member benefits that come from being a CIWM member. They also both provide a fantastic basis on which to build experience and expertise in preparation for upgrading to Chartered Membership.

So… What is different about Technical Membership?

Technical membership is very similar to associate membership, and it is self-selecting; individual members can choose what they feel represents their skills and experience best.

The big difference with Technical Membership is that is offers a clear external signifier of technical skills. It is designed to provide a home for the large number of technically competent and operationally skilled professionals in the resource and waste management workforce.

Technical membership declares to the sector, future employers, regulators, customers and stakeholders that the individual has met a recognised standard for technical expertise. So, it is recommended for those who have held or hold supervisory and first line management roles, have specific operational expertise or specialist technical expertise.

By comparison, Associate Membership is a perfect fit for those with broader but less sector specific technical specialist expertise, those in resource and waste management sector roles such as sales, marketing, finance, general management, HR, administration or academia, etc.

Members who are currently recognised as Associates will be able to transfer to Technical if they are able to demonstrate through their CV that Technical Membership best suits their experience and expertise.

What are the benefits of Technical Membership?

The benefits to CIWM and the Sector are an inclusive, widely recognised technical grade that offers a professional home for those with specialist, operational and technical skills – enabling us to broaden the voice of the sector, build on our existing community and empower individuals to achieve their career ambitions. It also offers a clear recognition and development route from sector specific apprenticeships, CIWM (WAMITAB) qualifications and training programmes.

For Technical Members, there will be a specific designation – TechCIWM – and the full range of member benefits available to all professional member grades.

When can we expect Technical Membership to be available?

Before we are able to offer a Technical Membership, we need to make amendments to the CIWM Constitution. To do this, we need to ensure that there is sufficient support for these changes, and will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting in November to hold a vote on the proposal to take Technical Membership forward. Full details of the proposed changes will be made over the coming weeks.

If successful, we will make this grade of membership available from early 2023.

How can I get involved?

Please look out for the invitation to join the EGM in November, and if you are a voting member (i.e Chartered or Fellow), please join and vote to approve Technical Membership, so that we can offer the sector another route to professional recognition!

If you are interested in transferring or upgrading to technical membership, register your interest by emailing

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