Top tips on becoming chartered

As part of your commitment to professionalism within the resources and waste sector, becoming chartered is a good way of showcasing your achievements. It gives you the opportunity to be recognised by your peers within the industry and beyond. In this article, Gabriel Mancho (Qualifications and Standards Executive, CIWM) considers some top tips as you prepare to become chartered with the aim of facilitating the process and making it more fun and enjoyable.

Attend a workshop

  • CIWM organises chartered upgrade workshops for each of the regional centres every spring and autumn. Prospective applicants are encouraged to attend a workshop. Workshops cover the application process in detail, looks at the requirements of your personal statement, presentation, and wider industry knowledge. This is a great opportunity for you to have an overview of the process and to asks any burning questions you may have.
  • You get the opportunity to hear from an experienced interviewer on what happens at interview and what is expected of you. There is also a presentation from a recently qualified chartered member as to how they prepared for interview, what they did their presentation on and what they could have done better. It’s important to be aware that attending a workshop does not commit you to submit an application.

The Application

  • Applications are web based and can only be completed online. You will have to create an account online to access the form. Already a member? Note, you will have to log in to your online account, click on my account and on the upgrade tab. The form is self-explanatory and there are guidance notes available in every section. Please read the guidance notes carefully.
  • Key to your application is a competency based supporting statement. This should demonstrate how you do meet the key competences with examples. Details on the competences and how you can demonstrate against them can be found on pages 5-6 of the chartered guidance document. Click here to access the document. Tips on how to write your competency statement can also be found in the Knowledge Centre.
  • You will be required to provide details of two sponsors who ideally should be chartered members of the CIWM. However, we do accept sponsorship from chartered members of other relevant institutions. For example, IEMA, CIWEM etc. Sponsors should know you well enough to provide evidence of your work and suitability for membership. All you will have to do is provide their names and contact details. We will contact them on your behalf.
  • To accompany your application, you will have to submit a comprehensive Continuing Professional Development (CPD) record of up to two years. This should include all the training you have done as part of your personal development. It could also include CPD approved articles you would have read in the journal and have done some further reading/research on.

The Interview

  • Interviews are done virtually via the GoToMeeting platform. Details of the timings and link to join the interviews will be emailed to you atleast two weeks before the interview. You will be offered a test run prior to the interviews to ensure IT works and to familiarise yourself with the process. We recommend you take up the offer and please do email to arrange for one if unsure.
  • The interview should last between 45 – 55minutes and will start with your presentation followed by a professional discussion. There will be a discussion on your presentation and area of expertise followed by your knowledge on current topical issues in the resources and waste sector.
  • Interview panels are set up in every region and this will depend on the submission deadline. There are three interviewers on each the panel, and we always aim to have one to be from the same professional background as you. Details of the panels will be emailed to you including a summary of their backgrounds. We will always encourage you to read them.
  • Your presentation should be on a project relating to resources and waste management and should aim to demonstrate how you do meet the key competences. This should not be more than 10 minutes and you should practice and speak to your mentor or sponsor for support.

If you have not already got a mentor, we would encourage you to sign up as soon as you can on our mentoring platform for a suitable match. Mentors are experienced chartered members and would have gone through to the process themselves, so they are in a better position to support you.

We also do run informal drop-in sessions if you are thinking of applying which can help you prepare. Click here for further details. No need to pre-register as you can drop in at any time during the session.

We look forward to receiving and reviewing your application. Please do get in touch should you have any questions or require clarification on anything. You can email us on or by ringing 01604620426.

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